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  1. H

    Energy Take speakers

    Does anyone have Energy speakers? I have the Take 5.1 classic and thinking about upgrading to the 5.2 HB-1 models and wanted to know if anyone has compared the two. The 5.2 HB-1 has a larger woofer and goes down to 80hz instead of the 110hz of the other models.
  2. R

    Want to replace Energy Connoisseurs CC10 and CB20

    The story is thus, I have had 2 Energy RC70's that I really like - my rears and center are connoisseur series and cant keep up. I've been looking for an energy rc-lrc, and rc-10(or rc-r's) with no success. Ive started toying with the idea on upgrading starting with the centers and rears? I...
  3. Tim Abbott

    Energy Take 5.1- still best value option?

    I've not kept entirely current with all things A/V related. Is the Energy Take 5.1 Classic system still the go-to option for best budget/value 5.1 system? I have a family member that is in dire need of an A/V overhaul and this will fit their budget perfectly. In addition to replacing speakers...
  4. N

    Premium Rare-ish Hardware

    Hello guys! I am excited to have found this forum, because it seems to be full of active and helpful members, and now I have somewhere to go to get real home theater opinions. I'm from the Saint Louis metro area. I have some great hardware for sale. This all came from my father's storage...
  5. Mr. Shelly

    Replacement tweeter suggestions

    I have a pair of Energy Connoiseur C-6 front speakers which I love. One of the tweeters is broke and can't be repaired. There are no replacements available anywhere. Simply Speakers is willing to rebuild them both with totally different guts just keeping the grill but I am not to hip on that...
  6. Mr. Shelly

    Anybody have an older Energy Tweeter

    I have an older (and oh so awesome) pair of Energy Connoisseur C-6 front speakers. This from the late and great Canada made generation. I just love them but one of the tweeters was cracked and not repairable. I have contacted just about everybody possible and there are no replacements out there...