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  1. Grady Hollums

    Selling all audio gear from my HT, SVS, Emotiva, Crown, Infinity, Denon

    For any photos, please just message me and I can send them over. Thank you. I’m deciding to sale all my audio equipment. My wife and I have decided to live more simply and that means changing my lifestyle away from the living room theater and more to contemplative photography so with this sale...
  2. Sa5150

    Separates or not ? Emotiva ,Cambridge , Anthem

    I like to create a new home theater , Not sure where to start . A Emotiva amp at $2k with maybe a Cambrige Azur $1.5k Something from Anthem or Arcam but very expensive . I don't care about names so that is a non-issue . I'd even take something from Outlaw Audio to get more for my money ...
  3. Billy Posey

    F/S Emotiva UPA-7

    I'm Selling my Emotiva UPA-7 Power AMP. Purchased back in FEB 2009. Original owner Still have the box. asking 500 plus shipping, split paypal. I'm Also selling my bedroom receiver Onkyo TX-NR717 I bought from Accessories4 less back in 2013. Onkyo replaced the hdmi board back in 2015. I don't...
  4. Rokzi

    Emotiva A500

    Hi all, 'been out of the forums for long while; looking for advise on the amp mentioned in title,but I could not find any thread about Emotiva's A500 amp. I've recently purchased their A300 ( to drive my mains instead of my old Denon 3312CI. I almost thought the amp was still weak as it sounded...