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  1. TJPC

    General Discussion Free Movie Downloads Not Working

    Anyone else having this problem? I recently purchased the Blu ray of "The Batman" and the Blu ray of the latest "Fantastic Beast" when each became available. I went on the suggested website, put in the numbers and tried to get my free download. The Warners website accepted the number and said...
  2. Nelson Au

    Question about the 2009 Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness iTunes files and downloads

    Hey guys- I’m a sort of newbie to digital downloads. I’ve been using iTunes for almost as long as it’s been out. Long time. But I never or rarely bought any media on iTunes. I rip my own CDs with iTunes using ALAC. And for TV and movies, I made my own copies from the DVDs and placed them into...
  3. TJPC

    Why I do not redeem those free digital movies.

    Ok, this is a typical example. I have been buying Blu rays for years now, and most come with a card for a “free digital download”. Every 6 months or so, I have tried to do this, and end up giving up in disgust. Today I was at the computer and decided to try again when I was entering the title...