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  1. Neil Middlemiss

    UHD Review A Quiet Place UHD Review

    Neil Middlemiss A Quiet Place UHD Review A Quiet Place is a serious, dramatically thrilling film that doesn’t disappoint. It quickly establishes its world, its rules, and the stakes, and carries the audience through a riveting and wholly original experience. This is a rare combination of...
  2. Neil Middlemiss

    UHD Review Terminator Genisys UHD Review

    Neil Middlemiss Terminator Genisys UHD Review After snagging the rights to the Terminator Franchise, Paramount poured a sizable amount of money into Terminator Genisys hoping to reignite the series hampered by two disappointing sequels following 1992s landmark first sequel, Terminator 2...
  3. Robert_Zohn

    OLED industry update

    So much has transpired with the 2017 line-up of OLED TVs. We now have the choice of Sony or LG and most importantly Dolby Vision support has been added to the dynamic frame by frame tone mapping of HDR10 and HLG HDR. A very big shoutout to LGE engineers and management to include the 2016 OLED...