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  1. U

    My wishlist of Disney films needs to be released on 4K Blu-ray?

    Hi. Forgive me if i introduce myself to all of you guys first. I'm Callum and i'm new to this forum. So while most of the Disney films have already been recently out on 4K Blu-ray as the company turns 100 this year, there are my wishlist of some of the Walt Disney Pictures films that are yet to...
  2. Neil Middlemiss

    Interview Exclusive HTF Inteview with Jo McLaren (Maleficent: Mistress of Evil)

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Jo McLaren, Veteran stunt performer and coordinator, back in 2018 following her work on director Alex Garland’s cerebral psychological science-fiction drama, Annihilation, and she continues to be a sought after by some of the biggest names in the industry...
  3. B

    Disney Movie club card questions

    So i just recently signed up for the Disney Movie club and I have some questions. For my payment method, I did use a prepaid card and will change it every time I run out of money but I was just wondering what would happen if they charged my card even if it had insufficient funds and I didn’t...
  4. B

    Disney Movie Club Card issues Help

    So I recently just joined the disney movie club using a prepaid card (ya I know, dumb, right?). So when I found out about the membership agreement, I started to flip. I barely had any funds on my prepaid card and thought there was a catch when I got to get 5 movies for a $1 but I still did it...
  5. Cranston37+

    Studios to Join Disney Movies Anywhere Platform?

    Holy crap this could be huge... "Disney Movies Anywhere uses separate so-called KeyChest technology that also will allow consumers to access digital files of movies acquired from third party sites such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu, among others."...
  6. A

    Remembering 1985's Return to Oz - Upcoming Documentary

    Hello ! I wanted to reach out to you in regards to an exciting, brand new documentary that I am producing. The film is titled "Remembering Return to Oz: Click Your Heels." It is a film about the 1985 cult-classic film, "Return to Oz." You may remember watching that film over the years. It...