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  1. rmw650

    Needing help in attaining replacement discs for Hotel: Complete Series

    Hey everyone, Just bought the Hotel Complete Series DVD set off of Amazon and heard there might be some replacement discs that might be need to be attained for this set but not sure how to go about this process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. dpippel

    SOLD: Game of Thrones Seasons 1-6 on Blu-ray + Bonus Discs - $40

    ** SOLD **
  3. RolandL

    Redbox now has extras on their discs?

    Watched Joker and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood recently renting from Redbox. What surprised me is that the discs had the same extras as if you bought the Blu-ray. In past Redbox rentals, they only had the movie and no extras. Is this something new or have they been doing it for while?
  4. C

    How many episodes per disc, and discs per season set, on average?

    Does anybody really know, on average, how many episodes are included per disc, and in turn, how many discs are included in each season set? The way I look at it is like this... 12 90-minute episodes per season set, on 4 discs (3 episodes per disc) Calculation: 75 min. (avg. run time less...
  5. LouA

    Universal and Columbia MOD Discs

    I see that Columbia MOD well be releasing Bell Book And Candle on Blu-ray . Likewise Universal MOD will be releasing Kitten With A whip on Blu-ray . Does anyone know if Columbia , and Universal will be selling "factory pressed " blu-rays , or recordables? They seem to be selling in the $25 to...
  6. mark27b

    Saving Hope Season 5 Disc Issue

    When first released in October 2017 the Season 5 labelled box set and discs actually contained Season 4 episodes Not seen this info easily elsewhere and I've been holding off buying this fifth and final season set until I found this info this weekend. The wrong discs where all the box sets...