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denon 6700

  1. George LL

    Denon 6700 or 4700+ an amplifier?

    Hello all! I’d like some thoughts on a decision I’m making. I can get a Denon avr-x6700h for $2,500 that has 11 channels of built-in amplification. This would be enough to power my 7.1.4 system with a single box. On the other hand, I can purchase a Denon avr-x4700h With 9 internal amps for...
  2. George LL

    4 vs 6 Atmos Speakers

    I’m deliberating between installing 4 or 6 Atmos speakers in my dedicated 13x18 theater room. The bigger picture here is, this decision will also help me decide whether to purchase a Denon 6700 (13 channels) or the $800 cheaper 4700 (11 channels). Does anyone know if there’s an appreciable...