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  1. S

    Moved into new home. Building home theater. Bought TV. Need Sound System. Definitive Technology?

    Hey guys, New to the forum. Would love some advice on this. Best Buy Magnolia home theater crew said two 10" standing speakers fron DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY, as well as the front speaker, and two bookcase speakers behind me in corners. Powered by a Denon 9.2 ch receiver. I have attached a...
  2. Robert_Zohn

    New York Audio Show Nov. 9-11, 2018 at the Park Lane Hotel

    Just finalized our 4 dedicated demo suites for the NY Audio Show. Here's what we're demoing in each room: Room 902: Sound United, which is Marantz and Definitive Technology with two systems being demo'd with one new surprise system. Room 903: All Technics with the flagship R1 Reference...
  3. Jcj02

    Bowers CM5 or Klipsch? Other? Size of Rec room>

    Budget (not including receiver) $2500 for 2 towers and center love to save Willing to piece together tho also Room is 25x23 (10’ ceilings) Receiver Denon x4300h TV 70” curved Main Uses / Plans Will be incorporating Dolby Atmos 3D VR Ovulus TV Lots of Gaming Lots of Movies Some music Open to...
  4. C

    Did my dd. need Speaker advice/opinions for first system.

    Okay bear with me I will try to explain this is clearly as I can there is a lot to write so I may miss a few things along the way. So I've been doing DD for the past month and as far as AV units I've decided on the Denon x4400h. The price isn't too horrible I can get one for around a grand it's...
  5. J

    FS Definitive technology Mythos One, Five and Eight set

    Local pickup only in pratville Alabama, in great shape pics available on request. Paid over 4K for them will let go for 1200$ Thanks!
  6. Robert_Zohn

    New York Audio Show returns to the Park Lane Hotel, Central Park, NYC November 10 - 12, 2017

    Anyone planning on attending the New York Audio Show in NYC? We're exhibiting with two rooms again this year. New York Audio Show returns to New York City, NY from November 10th - 12th 2017. The show will be hosted at the beautiful Park Lane Hotel on Central Park South, one of New York’s most...
  7. Robert_Zohn

    Definitive Technology's launches the new Demand Series of High Performance Bookshelf

    I thoroughly enjoyed Def Tech's CEDIA demo of the new Demand Bookshelf speaker series. The Demand series comes in three levels, the flagship D11 for $999/pr, D9 at $799/pr and the entry level D7 for $499/pr. The build quality and audio performance is excellent. If you closed your eyes and...
  8. A

    Help deciding DefTech vs Polk Signature 3.1 system

    Hello, Between my last two posts, you guys have got me pretty close to knowing what to look for in my price range. It's a toss up between: the Definitive Technology ProMonitor1000 mains with ProCenter1000 and ProSub800 or the... Polk Audio Signature S15/S20 with the Signature S35 center...
  9. A

    Quality 3.1 System vs. Quality Passive 5.1 Soundbar?

    Hi all, Rookie question here. Can you help guide me? What is a better route to take? Generally speaking what is better way to go? Get a really good set of mains, center channel and sub OR go with a quality passive soundbar that provides a 5.1 experience (I'd include a sub with the soundbar)...
  10. Dave Upton

    FS: Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L Supertowers (Pair)

    Here's my US Audio Mart listing: http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649344799-definitive-technology-mythos-stl-loudspeakers/ Basically don't have room for them anymore, please PM me if interested. Willing to make a deal if the buyer is a long time member.
  11. D

    Selling 2 Goliath definitive technology bp3000tl speakers...

    Greetings theater fans...I've decided to downsize my speaker system in my theater as my wife complains the bedroom ceiling fan bulb enclosures keep unscrewing and dropping to the floor...Henceforth. I've decided to part with two of the four I have installed def tech bp30000tl units I've used for...
  12. Tiomy

    Definitive technology bp8040st cs8040hd sr8040bp sc4000 FOR SALE

    wanting to sell my def tech system to find some of the amount of my Martin Logan's. All accessories are included as well as all receipts from magnolia home theatre. Only2 years old still 3 years left on manufactuer warranty perfect condition like new. 5126332053 looking at offers atm