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  1. Adam Lenhardt

    Broadcast TV Legends of Tomorrow (Season 6)

    The sixth season of the bonkers, timewarping DC ensemble series will premiere Sunday, May 2 at 8/7c on The CW. Season 1 thread Season 2 thread Season 3 thread Season 4 thread Season 5 thread As the end of season five, the Legends -- after an action scene featuring Shake Weights and pogo sticks...
  2. Adam Lenhardt

    Broadcast TV Batwoman - season 2 (The CW)

    Previous thread: Season 1 The sixth DC superhero show from Greg Berlanti when it returns sometime in 2021. After production on the first season shut down early due to the pandemic, Ruby Rose decided to leave the show. Showrunner Caroline Dries decided to have a new character take up the...
  3. Adam Lenhardt

    HBO Max Green Lantern (HBO Max)

    The series will be written by Marc Guggenheim ("Arrow", Green Lantern) and Seth Grahame-Smith ("The Hard Times of RJ Berger", Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), with Grahame-Smith serving as showrunner. It will be an hour-long series, and HBO Max has order ten episodes for the first season...
  4. Adam Lenhardt

    Legends of Tomorrow (Season 5)

    The fifth season of the bonkers, timewarping DC ensemble series will premiere Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 9/8c on The CW. Season 1 thread Season 2 thread Season 3 thread Season 4 thread A special new episode will air the week before, serving as the culmination of the "Crisis on Infinite Earths"...
  5. Adam Lenhardt

    Stargirl (DC Universe/The CW)

    The DC Universe streaming service and The CW have entered into a "joint custody" arrangement for the new series "Stargirl". New episodes will premiere on the DC Universe streaming service, and then be broadcast during primetime on The CW the following day. Here's the full press release: This...
  6. Adam Lenhardt

    Batwoman - season 1 (The CW)

    The sixth DC superhero show from Greg Berlanti premieres on The CW this fall. With "Arrow" ending after a ten-episode fall run, The CW is seeking to fill that grittier, more grounded slot in the Arrowverse with a concept that leans more heavily into the network's progressive, female-centric...
  7. Sam Favate

    Doom Patrol (2019 DC Series)

    DC Universe's second new series, Doom Patrol, is set to debut Feb. 15 on the DC streaming service. (Will this be available on Netflix in countries other than the US, like Titans?) In any case, Timothy Dalton is starring as the Chief. But most of the Doom Patrol premiered on the fourth episode...
  8. Adam Lenhardt

    Gotham Season 5 (The Final Season: 2018-2019)

    Previous threads: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 The abbreviated final season will premiere at mid-season. As with last year's extended trailer, the bulk of the Season 5 promo recaps where the various storylines left off, with the new stuff starting at the 2:33 mark:
  9. raexvee


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  10. Adam Lenhardt

    Powerless (NBC)

    “POWERLESS” — Thursday, Feb. 2 at 8:30 p.m. The latest D.C. Comics television series is a half-hour workplace comedy. Starring Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Christina Kirk with Ron Funches and Alan Tudyk In a world where humanity must cope with the collateral damage of Super Heroes and...