david prior

  1. I

    Question for David About Benjamin Button

    Are you involved or going to be involved in any other special editions to be released through Criterion or is Benjamin Button a one-off deal with the studio? Do you know if Criterion secured access to any other Paramount catalog titles through this agreement to lend it's branding to the button...
  2. Taco Wiz

    Little Shop of Horrors (1986) on Blu-Ray

    Despite the lack of a press release, information provided by Amazon, the MPAA, and Blu-Ray.com have made it quite clear that a re-release of Little Shop of Horrors on home video is happening this fall, and it is to include "Little Shop of Horrors: The Intended Cut". Because the MPAA has already...
  3. captainjoe

    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

    Couple more follow up questions: What camera do you shoot with for your interviews and b-roll and do you just record sound directly to camera with a mounted mic? Thanks a lot!
  4. Merrick Gearing

    Pearl Harbor Vista Series on bluray

    David, I was not aware until recently that you are the person responsible for the excellent 4 disc special edition of Pearl Harbor. I was wondering if you knew if Disney had any plans to port the Vista Series dvd over to bluray? It was one of the all time best dvd special editions...
  5. Mike Wadkins

    Panic Room on Blu-ray

    Now while I adore the three Disc DVD set (one of the best sets ever made), I would really like to see it in HD. With Se7en coming out, and The Social Network on its way, and even Alien3 this year are there any plans at Sony to Release Panic Room? I understand you can't carry over all the...
  6. Southpaw

    Fincher's "The Social Network"

    Hi David, Do you have any involvement in Fincher's latest project, "The Social Network" due out later this year? I find it very interesting that he took on this story regarding the founders of Facebook. That's how I understand it anyway but maybe you can shed more light on it if you are working...
  7. TheBat

    Cronenberg to direct a new version of the fly remake

    its been reported that cronenberg will remake his remake of the fly. this could be very interesting.. any thoughts on the matter? hopefully you can do the dvd/bluray again? http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=59439 Jacob
  8. Mike Wadkins

    Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen

    Hi David, I saw this twice yesterday and was wondering if you are working on the BRD/DVD ? If so does work start this early in putting a disc together ? And I was also wondering if the IMAX version would be used for the BRD a la The Dark Knight ? Thanks in advance
  9. Jerome

    Land of the Lost

    can't wait to see your documentary on this film Exclusive - Director Brad Silberling says the LAND OF THE LOST DVD/Blu-ray Will Have 35 Minutes of Deleted Scenes
  10. TheBat

    Big trouble in little china

    If I remember correctly you worked on the original dvd for big trouble. now there is talk of an extended edition for the bluray? was wondering if you knew anything about it.. what you can share with us? like the running time for the new extended cut? thank you. Jacob Big Trouble In...
  11. PatWahlquist

    Benjamin Button

    Hi, David, I've posted my review of BB (http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htf/...in-button.html) and I think the extras are incredible. Thanks for a wonderful set for us Fincher geeks! Pat
  12. Matt Butler

    Any word on Se7en on Blu?

    Would there be any new extras? Also would you port over all the extras from the great Platnum Ed you did? "Whats in the box!?"
  13. Southpaw

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Saw the trailer the other night during the Olympics. Looks awesome! My wife looked over at me and said "that looks creepy". I replied, "it's David Fincher...c'mon!!!" Really can't wait to see this one. Are you going to be working on the eventual 2009 release? If so, when do you usually start?
  14. Greg Mariotti

    Panic Room on BD?

    Hi David. Just wondering if you've had new talks with Sony to bring your excellent Panic Room DVD set over to BD. Many are anxiously awaiting its arrival. thanks
  15. David Wilkins

    We're not supposed to talk about it, but...

    Mr. Prior, With all things Fincher being popular topics here, I can't help but ask about 'Fight Club' on BD. Has there been any movement toward bringing us a hi-def equivalent of your wonderful SD SE?
  16. TravisR

    Zodiac Blu-Ray?

    Any idea when Zodiac will come out on Blu-Ray? And better yet, might it contain the featurettes that didn't make the DVD or HD DVD?