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cut the cord

  1. Randy_Harvell

    Best Streaming Service w/High Quality Audio/Video? Possible Cord Cutter???

    Frontier FiOS bill with telephone and internet getting way too high...looking for best streaming options for TV that has high quality HD video and at least 5.1 audio. Tried YouTube TV and liked the overall options, but the video was substandard to what I have with FiOS and I believe they only...
  2. Adam Gregorich

    Cut the Cord and couldn't be happier

    After thinking about cutting the cord for a few months I decided to finally do it. Most of the shows my family watches are available on networks we can get via antenna at my home according to TVfool.com: I was mainly interested in the networks: ABC (UHF 38), NBC (UHF 48), CBS (UHF 51), FOX...
  3. Adam Gregorich

    Looking to "cut the cord" Tivo a good option?

    I'm seriously thinking about dropping satellite TV. I was looking at Comcast, but the hidden fees for local and sports programming along with their equipment fees make it hard to justify the price. I'm thinking of installing an antenna in the attic for local tv, and then getting a streaming...