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  1. Sam Posten

    Apple 2020 iPad Pro owners thread. Your computer is not a computer

    Badass. Expensive but badass. https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/18/21184719/apple-announces-new-ipad-pro-price-release-date-availability https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/18/21184929/apple-magic-keyboard-ipad-pro-trackpad-hinge-price-release-date Brilliant marketing too.
  2. J

    Buzzing noise from computer speakers

    I just bought a pair of Logitech Z130 computer speakers today, and there is a buzzing noise. As I turn the volume up, the buzzing gets louder. What could be causing this ? Any troubleshooting advice ? Thanks.
  3. aceinc

    Atmos & DTS-X from computer while waiting for UBP-X800M2

    I put in my ceiling speakers, I have 11 channels of amplification (minimum of 200 watts per). I have a Marantz AV7704 and I want to hear what everything will do. Sources attached to the system include; Sony XBR75X900F Xfinity X1 DVR. Sony BDP-S370 An older HP desktop with HDMI out running...
  4. P

    Using computer 7.1 in a small living room

    I'm a newbie here, and haven't played around with stereo stuff since the late 70's...back when they used stone and chisel to reproduce the sound :) I have a small apartment in Beijing now and would like to set up a home theater system in it. I am looking at an i5 with an ssd for the system...
  5. xrobwx71

    JBL PB12 subwoofer

    I was just given this JBL PB12 subwoofer. Can it be used with a computer? If so, I'm confused as how to wire it.
  6. TJPC

    New Router

    Our wifi keeps cutting out about once a week. It comes back if you unplug the router count to 10 and plug it back in, but what a pain in the ass! The cable company insists it's not them. I want to buy a new router, but have no idea what to get. We have about 1500 square feet over 3 floors...
  7. dpippel

    SOLD: Early 2015 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display

    ** SOLD **
  8. Carlo Medina

    Radiohead's OK Computer is about to turn 20, or #iamold

    http://pitchfork.com/news/73215-radiohead-share-mysterious-new-video-with-ok-computer-lyrics-watch/ One of my favorite albums of all time. A true "needledrop" record for me. Put the needle down. Walk away. Enjoy. Only get up to switch sides. Where has the time gone? I'm hoping Radiohead does...
  9. DaveF

    What computer should I buy in 2017?

    This is a thread where you can give me good, rational advice...that I can ignore and blow $2500 on whatever iMac refresh happens this Spring. Currently, I have an early-2009 iMac, a 2.9GHz C2D CPU. It's slow. It can't be upgraded to the latest macOS. Did I mention it's slow? I could upgrade the...
  10. ChristopherG

    Adding SSD Boot drive to new computer

    So I just bought a new desktop and haven't yet touched it (meaning it is still in the box). I have already decided I'm going to add a 256 gb SSD to use as the boot drive. I assume I should go ahead and fire new box up (the SSD doesn't deliver until Oct 11) and configure it and then install new...
  11. J

    marantz sr 5010 has subwoofer feedback

    Hi, new member here, and thanks for the welcome aboard!! Didn't know this sight existed until I ran into trouble with my new marantz av. got it figured out but came across your site during my search for an answer . looks pretty amazing with a lot of up to date information. Anyway to my problem...