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  1. Rick Thompson

    Packaging Complete Series Sets

    I've been amazed at the packaging of some recent complete series sets, mostly from CBS. Recent sets of Numb3rs, The Streets of San Francisco and two of the Star Treks have disks stacked on one spindle, just asking for scratches, etc., not to mention how inconvenient they are to actually use...
  2. John*Wells

    Pacific Blue (Mill Creek 2012) Complete Series

    I purchased the series from Amazon and it arrived yesterday. Looking forward to watching it again. I noticed the packaging was a plastic Book with the discs in individual paper disc envelopes. Mill Creek released Silk Stalkings Seasons 6,7 and 8 the Same way in 2013. Yet, The 2016 Mill Creek...
  3. Tino

    Seinfeld The Complete Series $49.99

    On iTunes. Was contemplating picking this up. Anyone Buy it. Quality? Cropping? Thoughts? ;)
  4. M

    Game of Thrones Complete Series, Disney, Other Cheap Digital Copies

    Game of Thrones Complete Series 1-8 - HD Vudu - $30, HD Google Play - $20
 Gemini Man 4K - UHD Vudu - $6 Terminator Dark Fate 4K - UHD Vudu - $6 Dora and the Lost City of Gold - HD Vudu - $4 Buttons A Christmas Tale - HD Vudu - $4 Moana - HD Google Play (transfers to MA/Vudu/iTunes) - $3
  5. rmw650

    Needing help in attaining replacement discs for Hotel: Complete Series

    Hey everyone, Just bought the Hotel Complete Series DVD set off of Amazon and heard there might be some replacement discs that might be need to be attained for this set but not sure how to go about this process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. HubbaBubbaKid

    Cannon Complete Series Defective Disc

    Hi all, just ordered the Cannon complete series (older version) and had heard that one of discs on one of the seasons had a problem VEI was aware of and had replacement discs if needed. can someone who had that problem clarify that for me? i tend to only watch a few episodes at first of a...
  7. P

    Sopranos complete series (hd vudu $15), True Blood complete series (hd vudu $15), Chernobyl $7...

    Sopranos complete hd vudu - $15 True Blood complete hd vudu - $15 Chernobyl hd vudu - $7 A Quiet Place hd vudu - $3 Return of Xander Cage hd vudu - $2 Ghost in the Shell hd vudu - $2 Sopranos Season 1 hd vudu - $3.50 Sopranos Season 4 hd vudu - $3.50
  8. P

    selling True Blood complete series HD vudu

    True Blood complete series HD VUDU - $17 Will take payment via paypal friends/family. Code will be sent after payment received.
  9. morasp

    Shout Factory Leave it to Beaver complete series question

    I was wondering if anyone who owns the complete leave it to Beaver box set has compared seasons one and two to the Universal Pictures sets? In my system the season one audio is a little rough. Thanks in advance.
  10. Robert Crawford

    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: Teen Titans: The Complete Series (2003-2006) (Blu-ray)

    TEEN TITANS: THE COMPLETE SERIES (2003-2006) Run Time 1466:00 Subtitles English SDH Sound Quality DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 - English Aspect Ratio 16 X 9 WIDESCREEN, 1.78:1 Product Color COLOR Disc Configuration BD 50 Special Features: "Finding Their Voices" Making Of Featurette; Comic Creations...

    Life with Lucy complete series

    Not sure if this has been shared. Found it couple days ago and I've ordered it... A guilty pleasure from simpler a time.
  12. seanrt

    Charlie’s Angels Complete Series heads to Blu-Ray, The original series and the 2011 reboot are coming to blu-ray in a complete series set.
  13. Radioman970

    Here's Lucy Complete Series going oop?

    Does any body know if there's a reason to do a panic buy of Here's Lucy the Complete series? Like an OOP possibility? I noticed amazon it's $145 for a new one, another listing $612!!!! Maybe out of stock? Walmart has some at about $80, Target sold out, Best Buy it's $130, B&N $160!!, TCM shop...
  14. C

    Complete Series before DVD/Blu-Ray

    The whole TV on DVD/Blu-Ray thing has spoiled all of us I think. I was thinking back this week to what it was like before DVDs. How many people made it your mission back in the old VHS days to collect every episode of a series, or multiple series, by recording them off TV or using places like...
  15. Darby67

    Ronja, The Robber's Daughter: The Complete Series

    Shout! Factory is releasing Ronja, The Robber's Daughter: The Complete Series on Blu-ray on August 20, 2019: No word yet on a DVD release.
  16. ScottRE

    Space:1999 Complete Series from SHOUT FACTORY!

    Finally!!!! You can pre-order now!
  17. Wvtvguy

    SWAT Complete series

    I just picked up this Mill Creek set. I had vague memories of the show from childhood and bought season 1 a few years ago. Nothing groundbreaking but a nice show. A nostalgia trip. I bought this complete set because season 2 was pretty expensive. I’ve only taken a casual look at the set but...
  18. G

    Have Gun, Will Travel: Complete Series on DVD–comparison with individual seasons

    Continue reading...
  19. TVonDVDJunkie05

    Seven Days - The Complete Series

    VEI has announced the release of 'Seven Days - The Complete Series' on November 26. This is a 90s Sci-fi series that aired on UPN. I was hoping this would get a release, have never seen it but the premise sounds interesting- its about time travel, alien technology is discovered that allows...
  20. morasp

    Combat the complete series

    I just received combat the complete series and put the first disk in my desktop PC. The properties say that it is a 4.19 GB capacity disc. I think that means it's a single layer disc. I don't know how to tell if it is encrypted or not. The date on the video files is 2/17/14. Does anyone...
  21. MatthewA

    Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series is coming to Blu-ray (yes, Blu-ray) September 25

    Now this is something I never thought I'd see, especially since it was shot on tape, but am pleasantly surprised and cautiously optimistic for. No mention of what the aspect ratio would be for the episodes themselves, but I assume they'd leave them in 4x3. The pre-Blu-Ray days when Sony pulled...
  22. Scott511

    NightMan The Complete Series

    Just a warning for anyone considering purchasing the NightMan complete series DVD . Lionsgate has released the set in fake widescreen chopping off the top and bottom of the frame, and muddying up the picture. This was a low priority for me anyway, and I have the series recorded on VHS tape...
  23. joshEH

    Community: The Complete Series (NBC) - Sept. 18, 2018 Even Season 4, but hell...we're gonna be getting all the Dan Harmon-written seasons on Blu-ray physical media at long last, here. Can finally retire my 720p Amazon Prime digital copies.
  24. P

    Gomer Pyle the complete series DVD and METV airings

    Can someone here please clarify - Does the complete series DVD release have Gomer singing "This Train is a Going Home Train" from season 3 episode 22 "To Re-enlist or not to Re-enlist"? I saw the episode a week ago on METV and the song WAS there, so somewhere it is out there. I really would like...
  25. Marsh

    The Wonder Years: The Complete Series Deluxe Edition-DVD Review

    Hello all, I know The Wonder Years DVD set was released a few years ago. But, Time Life has re-released it to commemorate the show's 30th anniversary. Here's my review of the set: Thanks, Marshall...
  26. DaveHof3

    Lucan: The Complete Series

    This probably won't be something I'll pick up, but it certainly revives my hope that other obscure '70s shows may still have a chance at coming out.
  27. justarandomstan

    Mighty Orbots (1984): The Complete Series Coming Soon from Warner Archive

    Talk about an obscure show. Mighty Orbots is coming out on DVD this April. Never expected this show to make it. Warner Archive is digging deep. Running time: 312 minutes Release date: 4/17/2018 You can pre - order the show here...