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  1. Todd Erwin

    TiVo Wins Comcast Patent Case

    Todd Erwin TiVo Wins Comcast Patent Case TiVo shares rose more than 12% in after-hours trading Tuesday after the International Trade Commission handed down a final ruling finding that Comcast had violated two TiVo patents, formerly held by Rovi, that allow users to program their DVR via a...
  2. Camps

    A "Halloween Countdown" app for Comcast X1 users

    Everything for the busy Halloween aficionado... http://www.multichannel.com/blog/bauminator/x1-enters-halloween-zone/415964
  3. J

    Audio Issue With Denon AVR-2312CI and Xfinity RNG-150N

    I have correctly connected my cable box and BD player to the Denon Receiver, and I have yet to hear any audio out of my speakers. I am able to get audio out of the TV when I set the receiver to output audio through the TV. When I connect the BD player to the cable input and the cable box to the...