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  1. Mysto

    Clip On Active 3D Glasses Review

    As promised here is a short review on the Clip On Active 3D glasses I purchased, I had never seen a post about active clip ons and I've always had trouble wearing glasses over glasses. Mine came yesterday and I'm very happy. They are light - stay with my glasses and work well. They are a...
  2. Mysto

    Clip On Active 3D Glasses

    I hope this is OK in this forum. I ran across these last night and dropped a whole $15 to give them a try. I have never heard of them before. I always have problems wearing glasses over glasses but my passive clip on works well with my LG tv so I'm hoping these work with my Optima projector...
  3. Donald_S

    Spring clip adapter

    I was looking at the Yamaha RX-V379 receiver which looks like a good deal at that price point. However, the connectors are only the old spring clips (which frankly seems kind of dumb to me), and I have all my speakers with banana plugs. I would hate to have to redo that. Is there such a thing...
  4. S

    Did I damage my speakers?

    Hello! I did something the other day that I probably shouldn't have done. Before I get into the details, here's my setup. 2x Bose 2.2 (from 1992) Technics SU-G91 amp (150wpc) Technics EQ SH 8017 Okay. Me and my friends were playing around in Audacity, and I decided to amplify a song by its...