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  1. dana martin


    for those sitting on the fence about some of the Hal Roach Streamliners, 3 of them are less than 10 bucks a pop right now! https://www.classicflix.com/products?special_offer_id=67
  2. DeWilson

    ClassicFlix kickstarter to restore "The Little Rascals"

    ClassicFlix got the rights to the 80 Talkie "Little Rascal" era shorts and have started a kickstarter to fund restoration of the first 22 - they ARE doing both Blu and DVD - 2K restoration. Seems the nitrate sound elements are a little rough so they are going to have to source those from best...
  3. DeWilson

    ClassicFix Kickstarter to restore "The Little Rascals"!

    ClassicFlix is going to work From the Nitrates - they got the rights to all 80 of the Talkies. ClassicFlix "Little Rascals" Kickstarter