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  1. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Night Moves (2013) -- in Blu-ray

    Night Moves is a wonderful little film by Kelly Reichardt about a trio of well-meaning domestic echo-terrorists who seem to have visited from a Coen film shooting on an adjoining location. Basically a three person thriller / drama, that outshines its low budget, especially with the cast...
  2. Matt Hough

    DVD Review The Midnight Man (2016) DVD Review

    matt-hough has published a new article. The Midnight Man (2016) DVD Review A made-for-home video crime thriller, D.C. Hamilton’s The Midnight Man offers an engaging protagonist, a couple of notable surprises, and... Continue reading the original article.
  3. Matt Hough

    Blu-ray Review War Pigs Blu-ray Review

    <b>War Pigs Blu-ray Review</b><p><p>Action movies made on a limited budget are sometimes difficult to pull off convincingly and add World War II period paraphernalia into the mix and things become even more impossible. Ryan Little’s <em class='bbc'>War Pigs</em> does what it can with its limited...
  4. Matt Hough

    Blu-ray Review 4Got10 Blu-ray Review

    <b>4Got10 Blu-ray Review</b><p><p>There are quite a few surprises piled into the screenplay for Timothy Woodward Jr.’s <em class='bbc'>4Got10</em> (“<em class='bbc'>Forgotten” </em>for those who might not be able to figure out the weird title), and were they strung together with a little more...
  5. Matt Hough

    DVD Review Tooken DVD Review

    <b>Tooken DVD Review</b><p><p>Remember those sensational movie parodies that <em class='bbc'>MAD </em>magazine used to churn out in almost every issue? Find any popular movie or epic-length film, and <em class='bbc'>MAD</em> was likely to have a gut-busting satirical take on it. The movies...