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  1. G

    Need help choosing new replacement projector with 92 inch screen and projector mount 11 feet from screen

    I really need help. Twelve years ago I set up my living room with a 92 inch (diagonal) Stewart motorized drop down screen and a Sony VPL AW 10 projector. The projector and screen were professionally installed and the projector was ceiling mounted about 11 feet from the screen. Today, i...
  2. MikeSme

    help choosing NEC NP-PA500 or Epson Cinema 550 projector?

    Epson Cinema 550: $175 1400 lumen 3000:1 contrast or- NEC NP-PA500x: $350 5000 lumen 2000:1 contrast in the process of wiring the ceiling, (9' height) I can hang them at any distance back from the screen. it's a "110 electric DRAPER Cinescreen. Thanks.
  3. R

    Help with choosing monitors

    Hey all! I'm currenty looking to upgrade my monitors. I play / DJ vinyl and I'm looking to start taking production more seriously as well. I have 2x Audio-Technica LP 120s (original cartridges) and Allen & Heath 43C The room is about 3.8x6.5m and my desk is against one of the 3.8m walls with...
  4. E

    Help choosing amp for rear surround speakers for pioneer Vsx-39tx elite

    Have pioneer VSX-39TX ELITE what amp (affordable) would I need to power rear surround Klispsch T30's? Fronts are Klispsch KG4's Sides are Pioneer CS 911's Center phase tech Powered sub SA-W303 Very confusing trying too figure out amp, pre-amp, integrated, ect any help would be appreciated...
  5. Spottedfeather

    Choosing Crossovers

    I have yet to get a subwoofer for my receiver and have a question. How do I set the crossovers ? There's an lpf for lfe that is set to 120hz...but what do I set the speakers to ? What do I set the speaker crossovers to get the most bass/low frequency out of them ?
  6. M

    Help Choosing Low Budget Subwoofer

    Hi, I'm setting up my home theater, bought a Denon AVR-S720W and while choosing the subwoofer I got a few options: Dayton SUB-1000 - $119 Power output: 100 watts RMS Frequency response: 30 - 140 Hz https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-sub-1000-10-100-watt-powered-subwoofer--300-628 BIC...
  7. ClayM325

    Having Trouble Choosing a Projector

    Hello everyone, I am converting my barn into a man cave and decided to put a projector in there. The room is 24x24, but has a large beam in there in the middle. Seating will be about 12-15' away. So I think I am going to go with a 120" screen. There is some ambient light in the room from 2...
  8. DaveF

    Which one to buy? A dilemma of duals!

    I anticipate buying blu-rays I skipped the past five to ten years. And now I'm faced with too many options. I just ordered Dark City: Director's Cut, after suffering though internet discussions on the various releases. The current match-up: Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray)...