1. MikeSme

    help choosing NEC NP-PA500 or Epson Cinema 550 projector?

    Epson Cinema 550: $175 1400 lumen 3000:1 contrast or- NEC NP-PA500x: $350 5000 lumen 2000:1 contrast in the process of wiring the ceiling, (9' height) I can hang them at any distance back from the screen. it's a "110 electric DRAPER Cinescreen. Thanks.
  2. R

    Help with choosing monitors

    Hey all! I'm currenty looking to upgrade my monitors. I play / DJ vinyl and I'm looking to start taking production more seriously as well. I have 2x Audio-Technica LP 120s (original cartridges) and Allen & Heath 43C The room is about 3.8x6.5m and my desk is against one of the 3.8m walls with...
  3. E

    Help choosing amp for rear surround speakers for pioneer Vsx-39tx elite

    Have pioneer VSX-39TX ELITE what amp (affordable) would I need to power rear surround Klispsch T30's? Fronts are Klispsch KG4's Sides are Pioneer CS 911's Center phase tech Powered sub SA-W303 Very confusing trying too figure out amp, pre-amp, integrated, ect any help would be appreciated...
  4. Spottedfeather

    Choosing Crossovers

    I have yet to get a subwoofer for my receiver and have a question. How do I set the crossovers ? There's an lpf for lfe that is set to 120hz...but what do I set the speakers to ? What do I set the speaker crossovers to get the most bass/low frequency out of them ?
  5. M

    Help Choosing Low Budget Subwoofer

    Hi, I'm setting up my home theater, bought a Denon AVR-S720W and while choosing the subwoofer I got a few options: Dayton SUB-1000 - $119 Power output: 100 watts RMS Frequency response: 30 - 140 Hz BIC...
  6. ClayM325

    Having Trouble Choosing a Projector

    Hello everyone, I am converting my barn into a man cave and decided to put a projector in there. The room is 24x24, but has a large beam in there in the middle. Seating will be about 12-15' away. So I think I am going to go with a 120" screen. There is some ambient light in the room from 2...
  7. DaveF

    Which one to buy? A dilemma of duals!

    I anticipate buying blu-rays I skipped the past five to ten years. And now I'm faced with too many options. I just ordered Dark City: Director's Cut, after suffering though internet discussions on the various releases. The current match-up: Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray)...