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  1. JasonLa

    TV channels botching aspect ratios, what the deal?

    This is driving me crazy but lately TV channels have been taking programs originally recorded in 16:9 and are distorting it to something like 2.39:1 so that there are black bars about 10% of the height of the screen on the top and on the bottom. And worse taking old 4:3 programming and...
  2. aceinc

    How can I get the most out of my Height channels when not using material whith height channels?

    OK I broke down and installed 4 height channels. So my system currently consists of ; Marantz AV7704 11 channels of amplification ranging from 200 - 500 watts per channel at 8 ohms Various speakers, 5 of which are home made. Xfinity X1 and Sony DBP-3370 Blu-Ray player. I intend to purchase...
  3. R

    Yamaha RXA700 - Dolby Digital - DTS - 7.1 channels @ 90 Watts

    Yamaha RXA700 - Dolby Digital - DTS - 7.1 channels @ 90 Watts I live in the financial district in New York, NY - $185 or Best Offer + shipping if it needs to be shipped. Used but fully functional Home Theater receiver in good condition. Bought new. Has 90 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms; 7.1...
  4. Craig Ball

    Looking to upgrade to a new reciever more channels ATMOS ect.

    Looking at the Marantz SR6011, I know its already an older model, but i like that with an external amp you can go up to 11 channels, Seems to have all of the newer goodies like DTS-X and ATMOS HDCP 2.2 ect. Was just curious is it missing anything that I might regret soon down the road? Got...
  5. RolandL

    Why do we still have SD (Standard Definition) TV channels?

    I replaced a cable box and noticed all the extra channels I was getting. But when I clicked on them, they were all SD. How many people still do not own an HD TV? Do they watch SD on their HD TV's? The picture is so soft I don't know how they can watch it.
  6. David Deeb

    Streaming Channels - The Best and Worst

    With so many major new streaming channels, I would love to see forum feedback & reviews on the major options. I'm not talking just the biggies most are familiar with like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Crackle, Sling or Hulu, but the other newer ones that are coming along nicely. What about...
  7. Z

    Question from a new home theater setup

    Hi, I have the Logitech Z906 5.1 surround sound system, but it doesn't allow me to independently configure right vs left channels. I can only configure the surround channels as one level. My problem is that my couch is next to a wall so my right surround speaker is basically touching the wall...
  8. mac_user

    Pioneer AJ5235XT vs Taga Harmony 606 SE vs Polk T Series

    Please suggest the best 5.1 Home Theater speaker from following 3 options that will be compatible with Yamaha HTR-3067 receiver. 1. Pioneer AJ5235XT 5.1 2. Taga Harmony 606 SE 5.1 3. Polk T Series T50 Home Theater and Music Floor Standing Tower Speakers 5.0 [Any recommended sub-woofer for...
  9. M

    How many audio channels do movie theaters have?

    I went to see a film at an AMC movie theater today. On each of the side walls, there were about 8 speakers while the back wall had about 4(I didn't count so I cant be exact). This is the case in most movie theaters where there are several visible surround speakers. The fronts, center, and...