1. Rude Axe

    Only high range tweeter sound from center channel on Marantz SR7007

    I have a Marantz sr7007 AVR and all of a sudden my center speaker only plays from the high range tweeter. I have tried the following: 1. Unplug the receiver for about 8 hours 2. Factory reset 3. Switch out the cable from the receiver to the center speaker 4. Produce a test tone from the center...
  2. K

    FS ELAC Debut C6.2 - Brand New

    Selling a Brand New In Box ELAC Debut C6.2 center channel speaker. Never opened. Asking $180. Local pickup would be preferred to avoid shipping cost but I have no problem shipping it. I'm in the Philadelphia area.
  3. Clinton McClure

    Center and Surround Dilemma

    Hey gang! For a number of years, I was using our living room as a 5.1 HT with a pair of Paradigm Monitor 9s (v1), a Paradigm CC-350 center channel, a pair of Paradigm ADP-170 surrounds, and a Paradigm Servo-15 (1st gen) sub. About 10 years ago, my wife decided she wanted to rearrange the...
  4. G

    New 65" TV in built in entertainment center

    Hi, just received our new 65" OLED TV and trying to figure out how finish the built in entertainment center and whether or not to wall mount the TV and if so, how. First, a woodworking question. On the left in the picture is a finish piece that appears to go under the top cabinets. How can...
  5. Peter Trent

    Center speaker, is it best to match your left and right?

    I have Vegas on each side of TV. I want to upgrade my Center speaker and surround speakers. Should I stay with Vegas, or just buy what's a good deal? These cubed Bose and rear 151s Being used for surround I am not happy with. Also should I wait to use the YPAO used to auto set your speaker...
  6. Foxman

    B&K Sound CSC-1 Center Channel

    Thoughts on the Crites CSC-1 Center Channel Speaker by B&Ksound The build is solid and the pattern of the build is similar to the Klipsch RC-7, with bigger drivers and front instead of rear ports. The speaker comes unfinished without a grill, but you can purchase the grill and speaker cloth to...
  7. olddog

    Best center for Dolby Atmos

    I am looking for the best dialog centric center for Dolby Atmos. Space--24" X 12" x 19" Denon X3300W Fronts B&W 705 In ceiling RSL X 4 Subs 2 X Sunfire Sig's Room size 25' X 30' The B&W HTS 7 is too high and will not fit. The Denon has a very good Audessey set up to timber match whatever I put...
  8. B

    Need advice on a center channel

    HI I need a center channel for the "clearest voice" audio available around $300 my mom has hearing aids but there still not perfect. 70% movies 30% gaming preferably not rear ported sold in us and available on amazon current setup: 7.2 Pioneer Andrew Jones speakers (2 towers and...
  9. D

    Center channel speaker design

    Old ears and damaged hearing. Looking for design characteristics for center channel speaker that might help me with dialog clarity. Currently have a 5.1.2 system using Elac Debut 5.2 bookshelfs and center across the front driven by a Yamaha Aventage RX-A660 avr. 80% TV/movies. Decent...
  10. C

    Pioneer VSX-LX303 center channel levels

    I've had this new pioneer for a couple of months now, for whatever reason, my center channel needs to be bumped up. The problem I'm running into is that it doesn't appear to hold the db setting that I chose. Every time I restart the receiver, the db center level resets, which forces me to adjust...
  11. P

    Ceiling speakers and Rear in wall speakers with center

    Hi, I stumbled across this forum and was hoping to get some general advice on this set up. I have a basement family room I want to install some ceiling and in wall speakers. The goal is to have everything hidden, no free standing speakers and on a budget. The set up I'd go for is something...
  12. John*Wells

    The first of 2 trips to the Kennedy Space Center

    See my slide show of things I saw at the Kennedy Space Center. Its a really awesome and fun place to see. This took place in June 2013 Theres a lot of great stuff at the Space Center. In this set, The show starts with approaching the Space Center visitor Complex. At the time of the tour...
  13. Demonyx

    Center Speaker Suggestions

    Looking to upgrade my center speaker. Not ready for a complete speaker replacement but my understanding is a center speaker upgrade really improves dialog. I use my setup primarily for watching movies. Was looking at Klipsch RP-440C Center Channel Speaker? Thoughts? Suggestions? Should speakers...
  14. P

    Like NEW Infinity Prelude MTS Loudspeakers + Center Channel

    Audiophile Prelude loudspeakers with home theater center channel. Over $12,000 retail price, asking $3,500 SPECIFICATIONS: Description: Modular four-way moving-coil loudspeaker (three-way tower with powered subwoofer). Prelude MTS tower: Drive-units (all ceramic-aluminum matrix): 1" dome...
  15. M

    Begginner seeking advice on fronts / center mix

    Greetings! Happy 2019. I have Jamo 807 towers for front L and R and Klipsch RC-62 for the center and so far they sound nice. But I hear some people say that don't mix the Cs and the fronts. I am not able to figure the difference. Tempted to replace the Jamo's with RF-82 ii. Your suggestions? I...
  16. Nandan

    Center Speaker Upgrade

    Hi, I have an Onkyo HT-S7800 and i would like to replace my existing center speaker with Klipsch RP-250C. Is it compatible with my existing system? Is Klipsch RP-250C worth the upgrade from my existing center speaker? Thanks in advance
  17. W

    Center channel problem with Marantz SR7007

    Hello distinguished associates! I'm having a strange issue with my Marantz SR7007 receiver and that is the center channel volume level is suddenly greatly reduced, almost to the point where the dialog is hard to hear and I can't figure out why, other than perhaps that amp channel is going bad...
  18. Kyrsten Brad

    Media Center: Now Considering as the next step..

    Well folks, I guess this is the place to make my first inquiries about acquiring and setting up a Media Center (if this is the proper term). My Blu-ray/UHD Blu-Ray/DVD library is getting quite sizable and I'm beginning to get interested in having my collection "ripped" and stored onto a Media...
  19. J

    Center channel advice for Klipsch speakers

    I have Klipsch KG 4 main speakers and an entry level Klipsch Center Channel ( SC 1)..wondered if I should be searching for something used but better. And if so, if anyone has suggestions on a specific model. I am in no hurry..nor do I want to spend a lot Thanks in advance John
  20. A

    List of DVD's with percussive elements of music or no music heard in center channel.

    Here's the list of DVD's that has percussive elements of music or no music heard in center channel for the 5.1 track. Above the Law (1988) (No music heard in center channel) Hard to Kill (1990) (No music heard in center channel) Under Siege (1992) (No music heard in center channel, only the...
  21. R

    Want to replace Energy Connoisseurs CC10 and CB20

    The story is thus, I have had 2 Energy RC70's that I really like - my rears and center are connoisseur series and cant keep up. I've been looking for an energy rc-lrc, and rc-10(or rc-r's) with no success. Ive started toying with the idea on upgrading starting with the centers and rears? I...
  22. C

    Center channel speaker help

    Need some help. I bought Martin Logan in-ceiling speakers for my theater system. Problem is that the center channel speaker (an ML-67i) requires roughly a 10.5" opening and I discovered I have only 8" horizontally between cross members in my ceiling. Everything is installed except the center...
  23. Rairun

    Matching center for Wharfedale 9.6

    Hi, I've been using my 9.6s for many years and I love them. I want to buy a center speaker that matches them for home theatre use. Since 9 series center speakers are not available anymore, what would you recommend? (I'm in Germany.) For example, Diamond 220C costs 163 Euro on Amazon...
  24. S

    New Center channel speaker for 5.1

    Hello everyone, Long time no see. I recently acquired a Martin Logan Motion 8 center speaker to add to my current system in my tiny man cave room. It's roughly 12' x 16'. I have not changed the arrangement of the speakers and don't plan to. Do I still need to calibrate them? I realize both...
  25. R

    Cant get my center or rear speakers working

    So, i have a RX-60128v JVC Receiver and i have two front speakers already plugged in and they work fine, but i have tried to plug in a center one and rear ones and they dont output any audio, its still all coming from my front two speakers, surround is on on the receiver, and i have tried...
  26. G

    Going to buy new floor and center channel, need assistance please

    Hello everyone, First Post!!!! I started looking at upgrading my HT system. I recently replaced the receiver and here is what I've got: Keeping: Dennon X1300 (80 WPC) Velodyne Sub Looking to upgrade: Klipsch KSF 8.5 Polk Center Channel Polk rear bookshelf What I'm looking for: Mostly HT...
  27. B

    JBL V.S. B&W Center

    Trying to pick out a decent center that will provide, preferably, a warm sound. I found the JBL Studio Series 3-Way S-Center for the same price as the B&W CC3. From what I am reading, the B&W would probably fit the timbre of my front left and right (warm vintage speakers), but it seems like the...