ceiling speakers

  1. P

    Canned?Recessed Lights Rear Surround 5.1 Speakers

    Hello everyone, this will be my first post. I am hoping it will help prevent a divorce... My wife hates visible speakers but did allow me to mount the front speakers on the wall. The center channel speaker is wall mounted below the TV. I hid the sub woofer under the floor and ducted it beneath...
  2. J

    SVS + which in ceiling speakers?

    I am putting together my Atmos system I plan to buy as soon as things return to normal. Pretty much settled on SVS ultra bookshelf, center, and surrounds but for my elevation channels I am wanting to use in ceiling speakers. Any recommendations? My main concern is getting something that...
  3. Foxman

    Let's Talk Ceiling Speakers

    I have a pair of Klipsch CDT5800's arriving sometime today. The area above the speaker is a pretty traditional attic space with blown-in insulation and for the life of me, I cannot find anywhere that states definitively if I need to either: A: Box in the speakers B: Move the blown-in...
  4. P

    Ceiling speakers and Rear in wall speakers with center

    Hi, I stumbled across this forum and was hoping to get some general advice on this set up. I have a basement family room I want to install some ceiling and in wall speakers. The goal is to have everything hidden, no free standing speakers and on a budget. The set up I'd go for is something...
  5. C

    Sloped ceiling speakers for Atmos

    Thanks for the add. I’ll be receiving my new Marantz AV 8805 in a couple days. Right now I’m running a 5.1 but would like to add ceiling speakers for an Atmos setup. I have cathedral ceilings that start at 8’ and peak at 11’. Im looking for experience/advice on this setup. See attached photo.
  6. P

    Ceiling speakers came with the house. Two are in the living room

    We just bought a house which comes with a whole home stereo system. There are 12 speakers in total placed in stereo pairs throughout the house. Two of these speakers are close to, if not dead center in the living room which is also where the connections for these speakers live. The house was...
  7. M

    How to wire ceiling speakers..

    I have a new Sony TV, and ceiling speakers in the house from the previous owner. Each speaker has 2 wires coming out of the wall, so 4 wires total. Can I make these work with the TV, which has a digital audio output? I understand I may need an amplifier, just not sure where to begin to make...
  8. T

    Where to position rear pair of ceiling speakers in a 5.1 setup

    In our living room we have the 60" TV flanked by two MK-S85 speakers (left/right) and a MK-S85C below the TV (center). The TV is in the corner of the room and there is no where else we want to place it. I purchased a pair of Yamaha NS-IC800 ceiling speakers to work as the back surround...
  9. RobDog

    Front presence or dolby atmos install ? Yamaha 3070

    Nice to join the forum community, hoping for some feedback and advice on my install Here's What I've got thus far; Matte black room, curtains on both side walls from screen to half way back in the room Sony VPL500es projector to a 110 inch fixed screen. Screen is as high as I can get it- only...