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  1. twobelowpar

    *NEW* Canada Digital Codes: Updated Weekly

    With Google Play now the standard for Canadian releases, it provides some consistency and I'm going to start a new thread for I have here each week. Canadian Google Play accounts will link to Movies Anywhere, allowing you to redeem many cheap Canadian codes and port them to your MA account. The...
  2. Christian T Lee

    Smart TV Streaming UltraViolet in Canada alternatives?

    Hi All So here in Canada our ability to stream UV titles on Smart TV’s has become next to nonexistent. Apparently CinemaNow has shut their doors for Canada, Flixster closed up shop on Smart TV’s in Canada a while ago and VUDU is not valuable unless you resort to a VPN alternative. The whole...
  3. M

    Warner Archive Instant in Canada ?

    Is there a way to be able to watch WAI in Canada on my computer.
  4. A

    for sale, Jurassic World UV or itunes HD, Canada only

    For sale, Jurassic World HD, redeemable in Canada only, $4 Payment with paypal Thanks!
  5. Aaron Reynolds

    Help me spend money

    So, it's been a while since I've posted here. Hi! I hope everyone missed me just a little but didn't worry that I was dead or something. My home theatre hasn't changed in basically forever, but a couple of recent events have put me into shopping mode and I need an amp. I'll tell you what I used...