1. Tony Bensley

    Color settings on TV can be set to different levels for each device, apparently!

    Earlier this morning, when I set my 32 Inch Toshiba 720p Flatscreen TV with the Color turned all the way down to 0 so that I could view a Colorized episode of I DREAM OF JEANNIE in Black & White on my Toshiba DVD Recorder. I also use the same TV as a Monitor for my PC Laptop. What I noticed is...
  2. Foxman

    Home Theater Calibration

    My apologies if this should have been posted elsewhere. Preface: My Rotel Pre-Amp is older and does not have the calibration microphone and built-in software than many of the new AVR's do. So, I have almost zero knowledge on this subject. I have a SPL meter, which comes in very handy and for...
  3. Reed Grele

    I finally went ALL-IN on 4K!!!

    Finally took the 4K plunge a few months back with a 65" LG C9 OLED. But after having been bitten by the 4K bug in a BIG way, I just had to up the ante by getting me a 4K projector! And when I say "BIG", I mean near top of the line BIG! So last week I welcomed into my home theater, a full 4K...
  4. G

    HDR/Dolby Vision discussion for elevated black levels & calibration issues.

    Damn! I wish they would have released a new Blu-ray alongside the 4K. This sucks in a major way. No purchase for me unfortunately, and there will probably never be a good 1080p Blu-ray. Sad what UHD is doing to great films..
  5. W

    Professional ISF TV calibration

    Hello. Can anyone recommend a good traveling ISF display calibrator. My Pioneer Plasma TV needs a going-over once again. Also, has anyone on this forum ever heard of "D-Nice" a well-respected calibrator? He used to post a lot on AVS forum
  6. O

    Room Calibration

    I have a Yamaha RXV-371 receiver> I like it a lot but it does not have room calibration equipment. I don't want to get another receiver yet just to get this feature. What calibration equipment would you suggest?
  7. Bleddyn Williams

    HDR & Home Calibration... your help please!

    Hello all! I recently decided to upgrade my aging home theatre. The first thing I did was get a 65" LG OLED E7 TV (following some guidance from our own Gregg Loewen). Until I can get a professional calibration from Gregg, I used Spears and Muncil to do a home calibration. This will do me for...
  8. gadgtfreek

    Looks like Dolby Vision calibration on 2017 LG OLED's is coming together

    Really excited about this now.
  9. Robert_Zohn

    HDR calibration is now available

    As of last week we've begun calibration on LG's 2016 OLED TVs for FHD/SDR and UHD/HDR. We're one of a very few who properly calibrate HDR on OLED TVs and I believe we are the only one to calibrate HDR with the panel's full luminance level and with the most accurate 21 point grey scale. We've...
  10. D

    Do You Calibrate Your Sound System?

    I was wondering how many Home Theater Forum members calibrate their sound systems either manually with a Sound Pressure Level Meter (SPL Meter), Real Time Analyzers (RTA) or automatically with built in (to AVRs etc.) Digital Room Correction (DRC) programs. Personally, I've used SPLs, and...