1. Tracer Metula

    Receiver Recommendations on a Budget

    I'm looking to purchase my first audio receiver and really don't know where to start. I'm on somewhat of a budget. Ideally around $500. Would love some recommendations. I just want solid surround sound for my TV and also integration with my turntable (Rega Planar 3). I'll also be upgrading my...
  2. M

    Budget 65” 4K?

    Let me preface this by saying I’m a hardware dummy. I don’t know the difference between LED, OLED, QLED or whatever. Looking for a 65” TV to replace our aging 55” Samsung in the living room. 4K is a must as we plan to get a PS5 (as soon as we can find one) and some 4K discs. This TV gets a LOT...
  3. I

    Cheaper, Used native 1080p or 720p projector on a budget

    I am looking for a cheaper, used native 1080p or 720p projector with HDMI from a good company (BenQ, Viewsonic, Optoma) to replace the one that unexpectedly broke. I wanted to eventually replace the projector that broke with a 4K one when we moved to a bigger place in a year, but since my...
  4. jim lupi

    Budget tv

    Being lazy what's a good budget 55"
  5. CrazyCatz72

    CrazyCatz Budget Hi Fi / Home Theatre 2019 -

    Well 1st off Hello to all the HTF members and i'm looking forward to some great conversations about all things Hi Fi / Home Theatre / Music, Movies and Video Games. My System is Budget and includes a fair amount of 2nd hand Kit and is still very much in the planning and building stage.. i...
  6. J

    Looking for a budget sub

    I'm looking to buy a 12" sub for 75% home theater and 25% music. Budget about $250 or less. What do you guys recommend? I thought about these. 1) BIC PL200 II 2) BIC F12 3) Dayton Audio 12" 3) Premier Acoustics PA-150
  7. L

    Budget setup advice

    Hi guys! First off, I've got a modern 55" TV, but naturally the onboard sound isn't at all satisfying. I'm on a budget of around $800, so I realise this puts me at the bottom end. I'd still rather go for a conservative real-setup than a soundbar. This will be my first build, so assume I'm a...
  8. J

    Looking for a budget 4k receiver

    I'm looking to spend about $300 or less for a 4k receiver. CNet's top pick is the Onkyo TX-NR585 for $290. It seems to have all the features I will need. I do not have a 4k TV yet. I only use a 3.1 system in our family room, and that will not change in the future. What do you guys suggest...
  9. C

    New set up nearly complete - one question

    Hi Thanks for the forum, I have been lurking around and learning many new things. For Christmas we are replacing a serviceable but unremarkable JVC dvd theater-in-a-box 5.1 system. It has done its job, but now time for retirement. I already have purchased an entirely new set up, and most of it...
  10. JQuintana

    Downsides to this budget RCA projector?

    I am really tempted to grab one of these to use as an option to play movies in the backyard. It's only $149 at Walmart but their website doesn't even list it anymore. It may be on it's way out, but I found 2 for sale at my local store...
  11. K

    Best Budget HomeTheater in a box?

    Yamaha YHT-3920UBL 5.1 for 429.95 or Onkyo HT-S3800 5.1 for 249.00 (Amazon) I have been stuck and need to order ASAP. I'm leaning Yamaha but like the 1/2 of price on Onkyo? Please help! Also will take other suggestions???
  12. J

    Budget laptop recommendation needed

    My wife's HP, Windows 7 laptop apparently is shot. What do you guys recommend for a reliable, budget laptop? Any brands you recommend or ones to avoid? Thanks.
  13. T

    Budget Home Theater (Suggestions)

    Hi, Below is a home theater on a budget, for a room of size 27ftx12ft. Please can you suggest if this is a good combination or there is a scope for improvement with minor cost increase. Thank you in advance for the support.
  14. Craig Chase

    Fall is coming ... this year we are going to test out a lot of budget gear

    Hi HTF members and guests ... Two years ago, we did six $1000 subwoofers. Last year, we did several $2500ish subwoofers. This year, we are looking at budget gear like the Monoprice 50 watt per channel tube amp, Dayton's B652 and B652 Air bookshelf speakers in the $30-$50 per pair range, a...
  15. S

    Basement Home Theatre in Pakistan

    I had posted on this forum a few years back and had gotten tremendous feedback. At the time I was planning the construction of my house. Now I am getting ready to actually finish the Home Theatre. I've attached a drawing of the area. About the Room If you are facing the screen, it is concrete...
  16. N

    Outdoor theater on a budget

    Hi all, I am in the process of redoing our backyard to make it functional and fun for the kids and family. We recently finished installing soccer nets and I am building several couches and coffee tables. We're going to add a fire pit too. I am looking at installing an outdoor theater. I...
  17. J

    Looking for a budget A/V receiver

    I'm looking for a 5.1, 4K ready receiver. This will be used only for movies. I would like to keep price under $300. I've read good things about the following 3 receivers. What do you guys think? 1) Denon AVR-S530BT, $267 2) Onkyo TX-SR373, $249 3) Yamaha RX-V383 Thanks for any advice.
  18. M

    Help Choosing Low Budget Subwoofer

    Hi, I'm setting up my home theater, bought a Denon AVR-S720W and while choosing the subwoofer I got a few options: Dayton SUB-1000 - $119 Power output: 100 watts RMS Frequency response: 30 - 140 Hz https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-sub-1000-10-100-watt-powered-subwoofer--300-628 BIC...
  19. Alf S

    Thoughts on this budget "4k" TCL TV?

    We aren't looking to spend a bunch of money on a new 55"-60" HDTV and I found this TV for about $400 at Wal Mart. We already have 3 Roku TV's in our bedrooms (TCL, Insignia, Sharp) and like how easy it is to use them, how easy it is to access streaming apps etc. since we cut the cable of DTV...
  20. kylendm

    1000$ Budget for nice pair of speakers

    My friend just purchased a house and has a decent sized bar in the basement. Probably close to 30x20. He's got $1000 to spend on speakers and is looking to upgrade from his KLIPSCH PROMEDIA 2.1 COMPUTER SPEAKERS. Online they say they are about 200 watts and he was to go much louder than that...
  21. S

    My budget home theater

    I've been working on a man cave for the past couple of years and wasnt real concerned with the theater side of it as I didnt think I could afford to do one that would compare to a good tv picture, but after doing some research and alot of DIY, I was able to put something together that fit into...
  22. N

    New Budget Basement HT

    Hi, I have a friend who has been putting together a HT in his basement and it's nice watching football games on a 120" screen. He has a BenQ HT1085ST, which has a great picture. I looked on Amazon and they don't really sell them now. Are there any projectors with similar quality, but cheaper...
  23. M

    Basement Home Theater....on a budget.

    Hello all, I was looking for ideas on the good old WWW when designing my basement theater. While looking through some projects on here and on Google images, I came across some amazing set ups. Way too amazing. Some home theaters seemed to have 20 foot ceilings, some were as big as the local...
  24. BeerandBread

    Budget Build with SMOKIN deals

    Ok so no cash on hand build. I have been dreaming about this all my life and now I'm retired and have no money I lookin for deals all the time. Started out when we bought a house with a separate garage. First....was a little sound Proofing
  25. Eric L.

    Projector on $800 budget

    Any recommendations? I have $800 in Amazon gift cards and I'm looking for a ceiling mount projector that will be 11 ft from the screen. Currently have a 96" diagonal screen, but have room to go a little larger if I necessary. This is a space in my finished basement that will be dark with the...
  26. A

    First serious home system, budget probably max of about $10k

    Obviously I need monster cables for everything right? Okay just kidding. Serious stuff General info: Mainly for movies, using DVD/Bluray, Plex(running on my desktop computer), Netflix (using Roku 3 currently but want the best method for this system). Possibly gaming in the future. I probably...
  27. Charlie Campisi

    Budget family room 5.1 suggestions

    It's been a while since I bought speakers and this application is different than for my theater room which has a full size system. I'm setting up a budget system in my family room that just needs to be an upgrade from tv speakers/soundbar or HTiB for the occasional movie or when the tv is on...
  28. Dom Haughton

    Looking for the best < £550 Projector + 100" Screen (2.5m-3m throw)

    Hi, Apologies in advance as I guess that there will have been hundreds of threads like this already. I've wanted a projector/home cinema room for a while now and I've just moved house and I'm going to take the plunge. I'm looking for a projector which will project to a (ideally) 100" screen...