1. P

    broken macbook pro A1502

    It wont start and not sure how to fix. Ive fixed many Desktops and a few laptops, but never an apple. This is my g/fs and she insists that she needs to bring it to official apple repair store. She dont have the money and wont anytime soon, so every few weeks she tries to turn it on and is...
  2. dpippel

    Some Poster Art Broken in Movies Forum

    Hey guys, I'm seeing a lot of broken poster art thread thumbnails in forum view in the Movies forum. This is happening in Chrome, Chrome Canary, Safari, and Firefox on my MacBook Pro running Mojave 10.14.3 and has been going on for a few weeks now:
  3. C

    Older Pioneer VSX 1024k - new use?

    Ok so I have a Pioneer VSX-1024k receiver that I have just replaced because it’s left front channel seems to be shot(very faint sound out of front left, definitely from receiver, on all sources). So my question is, does anyone have some creative uses for this receiver? My current setup already...
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