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    British TV shows from the 1960s on Network DVD

    Network DVD here in the UK has just started a paid streaming system featuring old 1960s shows from our ABC Channel. This week they have announced some titles will be available on DVD as well. These programmes were made in monochrome and are excellent. Sadly I don't know how available they...
  2. Douglas R

    THE GOOD DIE YOUNG (1954) British Film Institute

    Interesting British crime drama from the BFI with a good cast and well directed by Lewis Gilbert. The UK DVD was full frame but this early widescreen film is framed on Blu-ray at 1.66:1. Two versions of the film are included through seamless branching; the cut UK version and uncut overseas...
  3. David Norman

    Barnes & Noble 50% Off British TV Blu-ray and DVD 9/20/2019 - 9/22/2019 (?In-store Only)

    In anticipation of the British TV DVD and Blu-ray 50% Off MSRP sale starting Friday 9/20 and running through Sunday night 9/22/2019. There are still some unknowns though. I can't find if this sale will extend to the online site or not. In-store titles should be allowed though some items...
  4. bigshot

    International Power To The People: British Music Videos 1966–2016

    Power To The People: British Music Videos 1966–2016 I just got this new 6 DVD set in the mail from Amazon UK, and I've only played parts of a couple of discs 4 and 5 and I'm totally blown away. "Weekender" by Flowered Up is the Citizen Kane of rock videos and the Apex Twin videos are like...
  5. John Sparks

    Uk movies from NETWORK and the BRITISH FILM

    Just ordered DVDs of INVASION, THE TERRORNAUTS, TIMESLIP and DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS all from Studio Canal @ Amazon UK. These are Region 2 DVD discs. Luckily I had my Samsung K8500 converted to REGION FREE @ 220 Electronics. I've only watched INVASION and the print was excellent!!! Upscaled to 4K...
  6. Aaron Silverman

    Guerrilla (Showtime)

    Last night I got distracted by this pilot just as I was about to turn off the TV, and ended up watching the whole thing. It follows a group of young Londoners in 1971 as they become radicalized. I didn't think I would like it, but it kind of held my attention. Very dark and disturbing, but...
  7. David Norman

    British TV 50% OFF MSRP Barnes & Noble Sale

    BARNES & NOBLE 50% off British TV sets 11/29 - 12/12 Current Coupon in Wiki of Master Coupon Thread Hard to know about upcoming coupons anymore, but there should be some more and better store coupons on Thursday and probably next week as well. I;ll update as needed. For 2 weeks online...
  8. bigshot

    International The Last Command 1928

    I screened this last night... WHAT A FANTASTIC FILM! The acting is incredible, particularly Emil Jannings. His performance showed layer after layer of nuance, and the ending completely blew my socks off. Von Sternberg's direction was fantastic too. Every shot was staged and composed beautifully...