1. N

    Another Newbie needs help

    I wasnt planning to do more than the cheap soundbar and sub that i have now, but when i found a Boston CRC7 at the GoodWill i got excited. So thats where I am in my project. Only the CRC7 for now. Just poking around CL and Ebay, I see CR6, 65, 7,8. People seem to like the CR series. Should i...
  2. C

    Boston VR Versus VR-M

    Does anyone have experiences with Boston Acoustics VR and VR-M series speakers? I bought a pair of Boston VR-940 tower speakers and freakin love them! I was looking to add surrounds when I stumbled upon the VR-M50 and 60’s. With the rave reviews I was wondering if they would be an upgrade to my...
  3. Dave Upton

    FS: Axiom Audio QS8 Surrounds in Boston Cherry

    I am selling two pairs of Axiom QS8 surrounds, as I have now upgraded them to match my mains. All speakers have been wall mounted and kept in mint condition with no scratches or cosmetic damage whatsoever in a smoke free home. These will ship in original boxes with all accessories (mounting...
  4. N

    Premium Rare-ish Hardware

    Hello guys! I am excited to have found this forum, because it seems to be full of active and helpful members, and now I have somewhere to go to get real home theater opinions. I'm from the Saint Louis metro area. I have some great hardware for sale. This all came from my father's storage...