1. Robert_Zohn

    Value Electronics Headphone Shootout Evaluation event

    Thursday, Nov. 3rd at 4PM ET we had a live YouTube podcast announcing and discussing our Feb. 27, 2023 Headphone Shootout Evaluation event. You can watch the entire podcast at the same url line listed below. Value Electronics Headphone Shootout Dealerscope Headphone Shootout - YouTube
  2. N

    Bose bass module 700 doesn't work sometimes

    I have a bose soundbar 700, bose surround speakers 700 and a bass module 700. Suddenly my bose bass module 700 stopped working sometimes. The led on the back off the bass module blinks one time orange, then whit and then red. Sometimes it helpt to unplug it en plug it in again. Does anyone know...
  3. T

    Bose V20 speaker compatibility with other systems...

    Hello everyone, I have a Lifestyle Bose V20 system that has become outdated. If I update the amplifier, will other Bose systems work with my cube speakers? If so, what recommendations does this community have for the upgrade? I am hoping to get my system updated without breaking the bank again...
  4. C

    Help selecting Bose surround speakers

    I recently purchased a Bose Sound Bar 700 and I’m trying to decide on which surround speakers to buy to compliment it. I have been reading up on this and it has left me totally confused. The system is going in my family room which is 24’ deep by 12’ wide. The 60” TV is in front with the sound...
  5. Garysb

    Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-Cancelling $199.99

    On sale at Target as part of early Black Friday. Amazon Best Buy and almost everyone is matching. $100 off. Target Red Card get additional 5% off...
  6. Y

    Issue with Onkyo TX-NR777 and BOSE 500 Soundbar in Zone 2

    Here is my setup on the NR777 Bluetooth transmitter in Zone 2 Line Out connector that is connected to the BOSE 500 Soundbar. Firestick in the Streambox HDMI connector A CD Player in the CD connector A Blue-Ray Disc Player in the BD connector Also I don't have any other speakers set up - only...
  7. C

    Bose System 38 failure

    My subwoofer has died and I am wondering if the remaining equipment is worth keeping. Can the speakers be used for anything else. Bose says no, but I have read the comments from other forum members and agree that Bose is great for marketing. Product reliability is a whole another story.
  8. R

    Bose accoustimas 10 speakers

    Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here. I have 5 Bose accoustimas 10 speakers without the bass module. Can I connect them to my Harman Kardon 147 reciever and my Earthquake FF10 subwoofer? What would be the best connection diagram to optimize the sound quality? Many thanks and more power to this forum.
  9. R

    Bose Acoustimass 7

    Hello, The bass module for the bose acoustimass 7 allows only three double cube speakers which are set for front left, right and center. Im planning to buy additional 3 cube speakers for my surround and rear speaker set up since my onkyo receiver still allows it. Would i still go for double...
  10. J

    Bose acoustimass D-sub pin assignment

    Can someone please advise how to wire the RCA (subwoofer out) from the receiver to the 15 pin connector? (I connected to pis 14,15 and hardly anything gets out of the subwoofer... Tanks for any help
  11. joe goswami

    Love my Bose Series 1 901's powered by PS Audio - Bring On The Haters

    I haven't posted in a very long time but I've been a member since Oct. 2001 ! I the last year I got rid of my cones and domes Homebrew and experimented with Bose. Honestly, I would never pay retail for a pair of 901's but I got a bargain last year on a pair ($350 - cabinets were shot). After...
  12. I

    Bose Soundbar 700 connectivity options

    Hi All, I am planning to buy the Bose Soundbar 700. My Samsung Series 6 TV however doesn't have HDMI ARC port. It has four regular HDMI. It also doesn't have an Optical IN. I do have a Denon AVR 1911 which I use with this TV. Just one cable goes from TV to Denon AVR (HDMI ARC out) and all the...
  13. E

    Bose Advice

    Hi there. Hoping someone can advise me with regards to my current set up. APOLOGIES FOR THE LENGTH OF THIS POST!! Equipment is Yamaha RX V373 receiver Bose Acoustimass 5 - Bass unit with 2 satellite cubes Bose 201 direct / reflect speakers. Only 1 input....A digital T.V which acts a a...
  14. S

    Bose Acoustimass 7 - What type of receiver?

    Hi What is the compatible reasonably priced sound receiver that is needed for Bose Acoustimass 7? Looking for a compatible one which is not too pricey Thanks
  15. B

    BOSE Lifestyle BUILT-INvisible Home Theater System

    We are offering a system (s/n 041328F71080401AE) that includes the AV18 Media Center, 5 speakers, Pre-Amp, remote control, cabling, Install and owners manual,AdaptiQ audio calibration system, power supply, antennas and the sub-woofer if I can figure out how to extract it from the snazzy...
  16. Jeff LaChapelle

    Sub to go with Bose satellitle speakers

    hello all - im buying a house that comes with 5 bose satellitle/double split cube speakers and am trying to find a reasonably priced sub to match with them as the acoustimass bass module and receiver do not have HDMI. The room is 22x24 and id like thr bass to just sound full - i dont need rock...
  17. Primo Esco

    Standard DB15 Cable With Bose 3-2-1Systems?

    Forgive me for not having done the introductions yet. I am always getting new and weird stuff so, I'll probably be back. Anyhoo, I got a Bose 3-2-1 (first gen from what I could tell by looking over it quickly). It didn't come with the cable that goes to/from the receiver and sub. It's a...
  18. G

    Ceiling-mounted Projector and Bose CineMate

    Hello everyone, My TV just died. I'm also about to start remodeling my apartment and want to switch to a ceiling-mounted projector. I have a big floor-to-ceiling window and a big black-out blind that's normally rolled-up, which I could use as a screen. Here is my dilemma: I own a Bose CineMate...
  19. D

    Confirmation: Can't use Bose Acoustimass 10 w/o full setup/module?

    Related to my other post on equipment recommendations... I have a Bose Acoustimass 10 ser. III, but with the size of the powered Acoustimass module, it cannot be hidden. The wires to the module are special on the one end too, so the wad of wires is hard to hide. We are in a new house, and my...
  20. D

    speaker options to replace Bose Acoustimass 10 system (same expectations, only smaller)

    Hello all, So I'm trying to setup my speakers for 5.1. I have a Bose Acoustimass 10 series III that I'm likely going to put on Craigslist (the module, the special wires, etc, are too big to hide). Any recommendations on what hardware? I'm hoping any system will be: 1) As good or better of...
  21. SusanF

    New 55" Sony Bravia older Bose surround system confusion

    Unfortunately when Salvation Army finally showed up to take away entertainment center hubby did not have time to label anything he unplugged. Yes I did suggest he do this way in advance :( We did have our first flat screen running the Bose speaker's sound through a JVC RX6000V tuner that had...
  22. lcavanagh820

    Bose Acoustimass 6 Series V

    Hi- I've got a full set of five perfectly good speakers from a Bose Acoustimass 6 Series V system bought 3-4 years ago. Nothing at all wrong with them, I just don't have the bass module unit. I can't find anyone selling a standalone bass module for the AM 6 Series V, but there are a number of...
  23. A

    Bose Acoustimass Woofer Humming

    Hello, my Bose Acoustimass is connected to my TV through RCA cables and is making a buzzing humming noise. How can I fix this? My TV is a RCA 42" ultra slim
  24. J

    Help Setting up Bose Cinemate to Onkyo Tx-SR605

    Hey Guys! I am new to the forum and this will be my first post. I am setting up my home theatre system and I have run into a bit of a problem. The Tv I am using is pretty limited with only one HDMI Port. I am using that to connect my tv to my receiver. I have an optical audio cable running...
  25. Sonnyblu42

    Bose Cube Options

    Hello! Newbie here... I have several sound systems all around my home... for different purposes. But, I have acquired this BO$E Lifestyle 28 Series II system (for free) all except the "Jewel Cube Spkrs" I already know many answers to my question will be... Just sell it all! But I don't want...
  26. tim687

    Strange 'vibration/distortion' at high tones

    Since a while ago, I noticed that my audio isn't clear anymore. As a audio enthusiast, this is not acceptable :P It sounds like the high tones are too high for the speakers to 'display'. I've played every Windows sound (From the Windows/Media folder) and recorded the output with my mic, so you...
  27. N

    BluRay and Bose Conundrum

    Hi guys, Firstly, thanks for your recommendations on what speaker/receiver combo to get. I do appreciate it! This community is comprised of true experts and I am grateful for your opinions! It just so happened that a friend of mine had a Bose 235 2.1 lifestyle system and I liked the way it...
  28. S

    Bose Acoustimass 3 Series V Stereo Speaker System

    hi friends... am a newbie here .. am going to buy Bose Acoustimass 3 Series V Stereo Speaker System.. i just want to know how is this performance, mean time for audio receiver i am planing onkyo .. so just want to know the bose system .. guys pls help me Thanks in advance
  29. K

    Six Bose 191 ceiling speakers... how do I hook these up?

    We just moved into a new home and found the master bedroom and living room are wired with six Bose ceiling speakers, three in the front of the room by the TV and three in the back. I can't make out how to best utilize six speakers. I've setup surround sound 5.1 before but the only thing I can...
  30. Ronald Epstein

    Was going to buy the new Bose Wireless headset...but now?

    Very interesting review. I think I am sold!