What Classic Movies, TV Shows,& Animation would you like to see on Bluray ?

    Here are a Few of mine :)
  2. P

    New Scooby Doo Movie BluRay Defect

    Is anyone else who has the New Scooby Doo Movie Bluray having problems with the picture constantly scrambling? I have a BluRay Ripper on my computer and it does nothing but scramble. My other Blurays don't do that. They play with a smooth picture. I don't know what the problem is.
  3. Ernest

    SUBTITLE SHIFT on Bluray players

    Many Bluray players include a feature called "Subtitle Shift" that allows you to move the subtitles up or down. This is a handy feature enabling you to place the subtitles where you prefer them or in some cases move them off the screen. Some international Bluray disc are coded so when you...
  4. murrayThompson

    Black Tights bluray?

    Why have we never seen Black Tights (1961) released in bluray? It was a great 70MM film, I would love to have a BD copy!
  5. Robert McNay

    Ford v Ferrari BluRay Problem

    Hello, My first post here and its unfortunately about a problem. I bought the basic BluRay version of the movie "Ford v Ferrari" yesterday. I popped it into my LG BluRay player today to watch it. The disc read seemingly okay, it started and the 20th Century Fox logo and music played, then the...
  6. murrayThompson

    Woody Woodpecker Bluray

    Why dont we see Woody Woodpecker on bluray?
  7. murrayThompson

    Why so few trailers no on Bluray discs?

    Im pretty disapointed these days that there are so few trailers on any of the classic bluray titles. They maybe of little interest to few but to me they are very important from a historical aspect. Trailers back then were very different in their style of advertising compared to modern day films...
  8. doug zdanivsky

    The Duelists 1977 on Bluray

    What the.. Why so expensive on Amazon, et al?? Along with Last of the Mohicans, Rob Roy, and Master and Commander, this is one of my favourite 18/19th century dramas.
  9. WarDoctor

    Looking for Apocalypse Now replacement BluRay cover

    Looking for a replacement I can print off. Mine got water damaged. Found a few but they are charging for them :(
  10. Ernest


    The MPAA recently reported the sales of BluRay/DVD has taken a dramatic drop of 50% . Streaming was reported as the reason for the drop in sales of physical media. Netflix alone was reported to have almost 150 million subscribers. Recently important people in entertainment asked for rule...
  11. LouA

    The Abbott And Costello Show on Bluray and newly mastered DVD sets ?

    Wouldn't it be nice to have the The Abbott And Costello Show on Blu-ray ? It seems to be out of print now , so it might be the ideal time
  12. Ushabye

    Issue with Sony UBP-X700 4K Bluray Player

    I've tried to connect my new Sony UBP-X700 to my WIFI network. When I scan for available networks, my home network shows up. BUT for some reason the machine is insisting this network is not security protected (see photo). Because of this the player doesn't ask me to enter a password to connect...
  13. Sa5150

    Older Tv shows in HD ? Streaming , Possible bluray ?

    I'm trying to find shows that are in HD that you can not buy a blu-ray yet . Hulu has The Odd Couple but not every episode due to some music rights issues . I noticed Gilligan's Island in HD on Itunes . Anyone like to add to the list would be awesome
  14. B

    I'd Rather Be Rich on DVD or Bluray?????

    Any word on this 1964 film which starred Sandra Dee, Robert Goulet, Andy Williams and Maurice Chevalier? This has NEVER been on any official released studio disk. Its been bootlegged from AMC broadcast presentation and recorded from a bad vhs tape. Awful. It was originally a Universal release...
  15. T

    Has Randa Haines been forgotten on bluray?

    WRESTLING ERNEST HEMINGWAY[Warner] CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD[ Paramount- forget it] DANCE WITH ME[ Sony- Maybe Twilight Time]
  16. T

    Has Herbert Ross been forgotten on bluray?

  17. DIYchef2003

    4k TV and 4k bluray player handshake issues.

    I am in the process of setting up a small home theater. I have 's Samsung 75" hdr 4k TV with an Oknyo 7.1 surround. Over my bar I have a 43" 4k insignia tv. I want to split the signal from my 75" and run it over to my bar tv. A have 2- 25ft 2.0 hdmi cables that if either are connected to the...
  18. Sam Posten

    Blu-ray Review Winchester - Bluray review

    Sam Posten Winchester - Bluray review Sarah Lockwood Winchester (Helen Mirren), widow and heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, has retreated from Connecticut to a home she is building in California. No mere bungalow, the house is a sprawling mansion with hundreds of rooms, a...
  19. Radioman970

    2 for £18 Superheroes 3D!! 2 for £15 2D...and the REST! Are heeere...

    amazon uk and zavvi are having a sale on stuff like Thor, Ant Man, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for just £18 Observation, I notice Dr. Strange is listed at Region B/2 but the back of the box says Region ABC (cheapest choice) Blu ray (2 for just £18)...
  20. T


    New restoration with new extras
  21. Patrick Senatro

    WANT TO BUY: Joysticks Bluray.

    Sealed or not, Scorpion releasing Bluray Joysticks.
  22. rob kilbride

    Will my set up support a region free but 25 fps bluray disk?

    I want to order Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World bluray It's isted as region free on but a note says most US players will not play it because it is 25 fps. Will my Oppo UDP-203 player, and OLED65E6P support 25 fps playback?
  23. C

    Blu-ray films and their commentaries

    Is there anyone else out there besides myself, who has never listened to a commentary whilst watching a movie on bluray/dvd ? I have no intention of ever watching a film and listen to a commentary at the same time.
  24. G

    Using a Harmon Kardon avr7000 for 5.1 encoded AVI's.

    I've got a chance to get a Harmon Kardon AVR7000 amp for really cheap. One of the ways I use my setup is to watch movies from my PC using a digital opitical out. some of the avi files i watch have 5.1 encoded into the sound track willl this older amplifier be able to receive the optical stream...
  25. David Norman

    Mighty Ducks Trilogy Bluray

    I have a set of all three of the new DMC exclusive -- brand new and sealed The Mighty Ducks D2 D3 $78 shipped to US confirmed addresses Paypal only Contact via PM is interested
  26. K

    Top 10 favourite animation films that haven't been released on Bluray

    Since animation is my favourite genre, I thought to start this thread (similarly with the other "decades" threads). if you like you can include anime, but I don't because i would need another top 10 there! So, here we go: Gandahar The Prince of Egypt Starchaser - The Legend of orin Emmet...
  27. K

    International THE RIVER (1984) UK Bluray Has anyone got this? It's been out for a couple of months but I can't find any review with screenshots., I would assume it's the same quality with an HDTV version that was out long ago.. It would be great with a 4k remaster though! I...
  28. C


    JBHIFI ( Australia) are selling a Laser brand dvd/bluray player for $A98. It plays all regions for dvds and you just enter a 4 digit code to change the zone for bluray discs. It is guaranteed for 3 years. My last one lasted over four years.
  29. L

    Why does a bluray look better when player is connected directly to TV?

    Is it a known issue that a blu-ray player will produce a better picture when connected directly to TV instead of to soundbar which is then connected to TV? If the answer is “yes”, you can just tell me that (and if there's anything I can do about it like buy higher quality HDMI cables) so I know...
  30. Wes K

    UHD Bluray with 60hz TV?

    I'm upgrading my bedroom hometheater and the budget 4k/hdr tv I'm looking at is 60hz. My 1080p tv now is 120hz which I've heard works better with 24fps blurays. Will UHD Blurays played on a 60hz tv looks more blurry from the fps conversion?