blu-ray player

  1. JaykohZ51

    Oppo 203 issues :(

    I have the UDP-203. Bought in 2018 a few months before they stopped manufacturing them. Firmware: UDP20X-65-0131 Here is the symptom:---For the last few years, playback will be interrupted/stopped around the 35-45 minute mark. Video and audio stop, the screen will be frozen or scrambled or...
  2. B

    Sony versus LG upscaling and the Sony BDP-S6700 4K Blu-ray player?

    There does not appear to be a forum here that discusses the effect on hardware on screen image but disc quality is discussed extensively. I have an LG B8 4K OLED, a BDP-S1700 2K player and a Seiki SR4KP1 4K multi-region player. I recently experimented with the SR4KP1 output resolution (2060P vs...
  3. Kyrsten Brad

    Here’s a Switch. DVD And Blu-ray Player sales on the rise.

    Well chalk this one up to COVID-19. Sales of players on the rise for once. Twenty seven percent rise. Oh and streaming devices also on the rise:
  4. W

    The Cyberlink dvd ultra 20 software blu- ray player

    I don't know if this is the right vlog to talk about this since this is software 3d, the 3d section only limits to blu ray disk and titles and reviews. There is no software section on this forum, but, Cyberlink .com for years put out the CyberLink 13 up to 19 blu ray software player always...