1. T

    Remembering character actor VINCENT SCHIAVELLI (1948-2005) on his birthday

    I first knew him from a Disney Sunday Movie, "Bride of Boogedy" (1987). His was a face that, once seen, you'd never forget (in a good way, ofcourse).
  2. Jeff*H

    Happy 50th Birthday, HAWAII FIVE-O!

    Wanted to make sure to note that today marks the 50th Anniversary of HAWAII FIVE-O, which premiered on September 20th, 1968, on CBS with the pilot movie, which was later rechristened “Cocoon”!! Happy 50th birthday to a true classic that never went out of style! Here’s a 50th Anniversary salute...
  3. Strohmaier

    Cinerama Dome's 55th Birthday is November 7th

    For those who might live or be in LA soon Arclight Cinemas and the Cinerama Dome will be celebrating the Dome's 55th Birthday with some 7PM roadshow screenings. See dates & titles on websites below. Two shows will have some special guests appear, "HTWWW" & "Mad World". All will be digital...
  4. C


    Imax has turned 50 but are there any cinemas that can still project the original Imax 70mm format?
  5. atfree

    International Powerhouse/Indicator Films £10 Birthday Sale 10/27/2017
  6. T


    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to late great actor CLIFF ROBERTSON (9/9/23 - 9/10/11), who's film & TV career spanned half a century + included such classics as "PT 109" (1963) starring Robertson as young John F. Kennedy in WWII, "Obsession" (1976), a thriller about a businessman who falls for a woman who is...
  7. C


    All the very best wishes for your 95th birthday Doris. I have been a huge fan of yours since the fifties. May you have many more years of life to live and hopefully be seen in another movie.
  8. Beppe

    Movie quiz

    Hi all, I’m looking for a movie that a friend of mine saw some years ago. The point is the following: during the movie a girl has her 30th birthday and she decides to organize a trip for her friends and she pays and organizes all. Any idea about this movie? Please help me  My friend’s birthday...