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bill hunt

  1. Yorkshire

    The Exorcist - any news on Friedkin/Roizman input/look?

    I think most of us are aware of the very public spat between Friedkin and Roizman over the former's treatment of The French Connection on Blu-ray Disc. With Roizman working with him on the Blu-ray Disc of The Exorcist I know that many are hopeful for a presentation a little more faithful...
  2. robbbb1138

    Catalog sales down 20%

    That was a great piece today on Digital Bits about why no one should be shocked that catalog sales are down 20% and why it doesn't have to be this way. As someone who allots about $100 every month to spend on Blu but can't usually find more than $40 that's worth buying every month (and that's...
  3. senshu

    3D Save BD from 3D BD!

    Hi Bill - I’ve appreciated your contributions to home video/film collecting for years. Now I hope to catch your ear about a new threat to the quality of the home theatre experience...3D BD. Seeing the first review of Monster vs. Aliens, I grow more and more concerned by this format SO MANY...
  4. EdReedFan20

    Toy Story BD Question

    I noticed that the artwork for the Toy Story Blu-Ray only says Blu-Ray + DVD. I understand the artwork may not be final, but on amazon.com someone posted photos of the recent re-release of Cars. It's the one that includes two toy cars. It also only says Blu-Ray + DVD. Now, my question is has...
  5. Bill Hunt

    Star Trek: TOS - Season 1 on Blu = AWESOME

    Full Digital Bits review here... Blu-ray Review - Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 1
  6. H

    Logan's Run BD... release date?

    Bill, in your 1/30/09 Rumor Mill this title is mentioned as being in the works by Warners for BD. Is it being remastered? Do you know the projected release date? This year? I know it's early but any tidbits you can offer would be most appreciated. This title is in desperate need of clean up, the...
  7. T r o y


    Any word when we'll see Tombstone in Blu-Ray ?
  8. JediFonger

    Any word on Happy Feet BD w/TrueHD?

    WB added TrueHD to Superman Returns cause HD DVD already had it. with Happy Feet, i used to have this on HD DVD and the movie had trueHD. the current BD doesn't have trueHD. does WB plan to release all of their HD DVD counterparts that had lossless back to BD? i really luv this movie =P
  9. Robert Crawford

    Any further word on Speed Racer?

    Just wondering if anything more definitive has come from Warner regarding the audio track for this title? Crawdaddy
  10. Alen Koebel

    BD vs DVD vs VOD

    (My apologies for first asking this in the welcome thread.) Hi Bill, I don't have much time nowadays to read The Digital Bits so you may well have already answered the following questions in one of your editorials. Since you're here perhaps you can answer directly: Nearly all HT...
  11. Jaxon's Dad

    I'd love Strange Brew on Blu-Ray

    Bill, I know you're not on staff at WB, however you have connections as the BD-50/Lossless audio debacle clearly demonstrates. So, would you care to pass on to those in charge that there are some hosers who would love a special 25th anniversary "Brew-Ray" (Beauty pun, eh!) of Strange Brew...