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  1. joshEH

    Better Call Saul - Season 5 (AMC)

    Cant believe this thread hasn't been created yet. About to premiere tonight (Sunday, 2/23), with a second episode tomorrow night (Monday, 2/24). The reinstatement of Jimmy's law-license is, in my opinion, the absolute pinnacle of what makes Saul who he is. He tried to do right by his brother...
  2. joshEH

    Better Call Saul - Season 4 (AMC)

    Figured it's about time for the new thread, what with the season premiere dropping on August 6th: And the first reviews of the upcoming batch of episodes are starting to roll in...and they're glowing...
  3. RoyWilbury

    FS: Better Call Saul - Season Three Digital HD Code (from Blu-ray) - $12

    $12 for Digital HD code (from Blu-ray release) for Season Three of "Better Call Saul." Payment via PayPal. Thanks!
  4. joshEH

    Better Call Saul - Season 3 (AMC)

    First major promo for the new season just dropped today...and awwwww shit, look who's back, folks: Pretty much me when I saw this spot: This show is absolutely great when it has no right to be. Bringing Gus back feels like a huge risk, but no more than anything else they've knocked out of...