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  2. steve jaros


    Saw this film today. I like to spin positive if i can, but my conscience gets the best of me: Frankly, I can't remember the last time i saw a theatrical release this bad, and I see about 130 a year. Terrible in every way. Not funny, stilted dialogue, ridiculous characters, dreadful SFX, zero...
  3. Ronald Epstein

    Pre-Order Baywatch (4k UHD) Available for Preorder

    The link below will take you directly to the product on Amazon. If you are using an adblocker you will not see link. <iframe margin marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frame...
  4. M

    Any news on Baywatch and Baywatch Nights coming to Region 1 DVD?

    Has anyone here heard if Baywatch and its spin-off series Baywatch Nights are going to be released on Region 1 DVD sets either this year (2016) or next year (2017)? (There is a Baywatch theatrical movie coming out next year (I think in May 2017), so I was wondering if any Baywatch TV series...