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    Drastically diminished subwoofer performance, cant figure out why, please help

    I recently upgrade my HT setup and moved my old equipment into a computer / game room. After setting everything up I am getting very low amts of bass output from the sub that use to be my main sub for 3 years (and was very happy how it performed) My subwoofer (monoprice monolith 10") + marantz...
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    sub and speaker setup beginner

    PLEASE HELP I am currently using a REL 5 subwoofer that has high level connection so the bass from my left and right speakers comes out from the sub and also using LFE cable I have upgraded sub to SVS PB1000 and want to do the same left and right speaker bass to come from sub and also use LFE...
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    Paradigm PDR-8 HT Bass Speaker - Works Great!! Asking $100

    Remodeling my home theater and selling some existing equipment. This Paradigm Bass still works great. Asking $100. Pickup in Tomball / Woodlands. Please email me at [email protected] if interested. Thanks!