1. BobO'Link

    Snow broke floating menu bar

    I really, really, like the snowy Christmasy header bar - but it's apparently broken the floating menu bar causing it to shrink to a small, non clickable, bar. I've checked on both Firefox and Edge and it does the same.
  2. P

    How to open the remote on a Klipsch Bar 48 or Bar 54 or Bar 40 remote to insert batteries

    I had a heck of a time getting the remote open, so I thought I'd post how to do it, and save someone the hassle of contacting Klipsch. Klipsch Bar 48 Klipsch Bar 54 Klipsch Bar 40 1. Place remote face down in palm of hand 2, Using ball of other hand, press down lightly, but with some force...
  3. P

    Onkyo ht 560 no longer shows volume bar on tv. Receiver setup menu does not show on TV. Help!!!

    Onkyo ht 560 no longer shows volume bar on tv. Receiver setup menu does not show on TV. Help!!!
  4. P

    Got my Klipsch Bar 48!!!!

    It came one day earlier than I thought it would. It sounds amazing for 3.1 sound. Unbelievable actually for the price. No: it's not competing with the Anthem AV + Paradigm setup I want eventually, but for $300 it's unbelievable. The first movie I watched was Aquaman, starting with the Kraken...
  5. X

    Lip sync issues with new TV & sound bar

    We recently upgraded our home theater system to an OLED TV and sound bar. The problem is chronic lip sync issues. The issue is noticeable on Xfinity cable broadcasts and Apple TV (Amazon & Netflix), though the issue varies from network to network. Some networks, e.g., ABC, are worse than others...
  6. E

    Multi-room Bluetooth and sound bar issue

    I am new to this forum and searching (here and google) did not pull up anything close to what I am doing. The original set up is a LG sound bar with Bluetooth sub, connected to Toshiba TV via optical cable. What i am trying to do it have sound out of my sound bar and sub but also have a...
  7. C

    Sound bar recommendation

    New guy here with what may be an odd request. I have a Polk bar with Bluetooth satellite speakers in the living room I use for listening to both music and TV/movies. But my concern here is with spoken lines in movies and TV shows. Dialogue in current programming and movies is often overridden...
  8. D

    Advice for Stereo Home Theater Speakers or possibly Sound Bar

    Hi everybody, I have a new home and am setting up a temporary home theater room until I can build a more dedicated space in a year or two. I would very much appreciate some of your expertise on helping me with a simple set up. Here is what I'm looking for: - I watch movies - not really any...
  9. bgart13

    Anyone upgraded from Vizio 2.1 sound bar to 5.1?

    Sound bar question (yes, I know which forum I'm at...): has anyone here upgraded from Vizio's sb3621n-e8 or sb3621n-f8m to one of their 5.1 sound bars (such as sb3651-f6). If so, how well do their satellite speakers work? Do they add a worthwhile surround improvement? And are the sound bar and...
  10. K

    Sound bar with TV without audio out

    Just bought a sound bar only to discover that my TV has no audio out. It only has components, audio in, HDMI in, and a USB. Is there any way I can connect the sound bar to any of those ports?
  11. N

    Dolby Atmos Sound Bar?

    I’ve been watching some YouTube reviews of some sound bars with dolby atmos and it seems pretty cool. I’m wondering about a few things... If you’re not a huge audiophile, will it sound just as good or better than an average 5.1 system? Or will separate speakers always still be better than 1...
  12. D

    Heos Bar and 3 Heos speakers. NYC Metro

    Have some Denon Heos items looking to sell in Jersey City/NYC area only. No shipping. -Heos Bar (like new, have original box and all accessoires) $450 -Heos 1 speaker Series 2 version (like new, have original box and all accessories $75 -Heos 1 speaker Series 1 version (like new, don't have...
  13. I

    Multi-zone system for a bar

    I am trying to put together a stereo system for a small brew pub. The inside is 47x32, the patio is 40x8. I would like to have 2 zones inside the room, in order to be able to lower the music on one side or the other from an iPad. The patio could be connected to one of the zones, or be its own...
  14. Keith G

    "Fake" sound bar

    I purchased this very nice entertainment system for my new TV and it has this cutout for a sound bar. Since I have tower speakers and didn't like looking at that empty space I built a "fake" sound bar. Cheesy or not?
  15. A

    Thoughts on VIZIO SB3851 38-Inch 5.1 Channel Sound Bar

    After using the same four speakers for 40 years (yes, you read that right), I've decided to go with an updated surround sound system. I've been looking at the VIZIO SB3851 38-Inch 5.1 Channel Sound Bar as it's in my price range. Has anyone had any experiences with this model? Since I'm new to...
  16. notty

    connecting a subwoofer to a sound bar using optical

    hi there i am looking at buying a sound bar but it needs a sub woofer which i have however the only input for the sub is the red and white phono inputs and the only inputs on the sound bar is 2xoptical and 1xwhat looks like a headphone jack, is there any way of getting the bass from the audio...
  17. DaveF

    Help picking a mini-fridge!

    I need recommendations for an under-cabinet mini-fridge for a small wetbar. I thought I'd get a decent $150 22"-wide mini-fridge with freezer. Today I learned I need a fridge designed for in-cabinet installation. Naturally, these are much more expensive. Or, I can buy a smaller free-standing...