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  1. AtlasWinks

    Digital Media " backup" that would be playable from unconnected storage?

    I have been told I should make backup copies of our digital media, but I am not sure what is the best option there. Can we back up to some kind of digital player that doesn't require any internet to play? We have around 800 digital tv series and around 1600 movies, Amazon & Apple. More than 50%...
  2. Carabimero

    Disc-based media backup question

    I use a combination of external drives and discs to back up my data of stuff I can't just go out and buy again if my sources go bad. Every five years I make new disc backups from the external drives. The last time was 2012, so I figure it's time to make new discs, since the material can only be...
  3. DaveF

    Backup software for Windows 10?

    I need backup software for my HTPC. I've done a little searching, and I'm confused. I want a simple tool to make a bootable clone of my boot drive. If my main drive fails or is corrupted, I can boot, have nominal functionality, and restore with a simple clone from the backup. On the Mac, this...