aspect ratio

  1. JPCinema

    CROMWELL at last on Blu Ray and proper aspect ratio

    On November 23rd CROMWELL with Richard Harris will be released in France on Blu Ray and in it's proper aspect ratio.
  2. Greg Lovern

    Disney's "Make Mine Music" DVD plays zoomed

    I have a Sanyo FW65R70F TV and a Sony BDP-S360 blu-ray player. When I play Disney's 1946 "Make Mine Music" DVD ("Gold Collection", 2000), it plays zoomed so that it fills the 16:9 screen side to side, and the top and bottom of the picture is cut off. This problem doesn't happen with other 4:3...
  3. U

    Shampoo--Blu-ray Aspect Ratio Question

    I had been waiting for the Shampoo blu-ray for many years and finally found and purchased it. I am having a problem that I hope is the result of my error and am posting here to see if anyone can help… While watching the first scene with Goldie Hawn it became very clear that I was viewing a...
  4. Jim*Tod

    Sony A9G OLED: Aspect Ratio Issue

    I just got the new Sony A9G. Very impressed in every way but I have one problem: For all aspect ratios (2.20, 2.55, 2.75, 1.66, 2.35, 1.33) it works fine except for some reason 1.85 goes full screen which is 1.75. This is true with both blu rays and dvds played thru the UBPX700 player...
  5. JasonLa

    TV channels botching aspect ratios, what the deal?

    This is driving me crazy but lately TV channels have been taking programs originally recorded in 16:9 and are distorting it to something like 2.39:1 so that there are black bars about 10% of the height of the screen on the top and on the bottom. And worse taking old 4:3 programming and...
  6. Spottedfeather

    Change Video Aspect Ratio

    I'm trying to make a video widescreen, but I have no idea what to do. I have tried changing it in VLC and then saving a new version of the movie, but the resulting video is still squished. I've tried online services, but they don't work, either. The video is widescreen, squished into 4:3...I'm...
  7. widescreenforever

    what is the proper aspect ratio for Apocalypse Now?

    My standard dvd of Apocalypse Now I was under the impression the AR was 2.00:1 but my BluRay states on the rear cover - 2.35:1 . which is correct for the home theater BD/DVD versions? I'm pretty sure the Theatrical prints from 1978 was 2.00:1 but with the 'branching' ( minutes)...
  8. mike--

    Vudu and other services showing movies not in the correct aspect ratio

    Has anyone noticed that Vudu will randomly have a movie for sale or rent and it turns out not to be in the correct aspect ratio? A while back I bought the 1931 version of Frankenstein in 'HDX' (their version of HD-with special features.) and the image was stretched to fill a 16 X 9 screen. I...
  9. Robot Porter

    Portable DVD Player: Aspect Ratio Issue

    I recently purchase an Ueme 10.1" portable DVD player. I got this one because it was one of the few such players that allows you to switch between 16.9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. Most portable DVD players will play 4:3 videos. But only in 16:9 mode, thus, stretching it. This player cannot...
  10. Brian Dobbs

    2.40:1 vs. 1.85:1 In The Age Of Digital Cinema

    Two things to consider here... Back in the age of film, some directors would use wide angle lenses to capture wide vistas to a squarish film negative, to then apply anamorphic stretching to project the wide image in the theater. 2.35/2.40 films were technically "larger" (wider) than other...
  11. Brent Reid

    Films in two different aspect ratio versions

    I watched The Robe (1952) US BD again recently, with its 2.55:1 CinemaScope aspect ratio, and wondered if the alternate 1.37:1 version is available to buy or watch anywhere in its entirety? On VHS perhaps – or was that simply the widescreen version cropped? The flat version was, of course, made...