1. R315r4z0r

    LG TV audio will not play through reciever.

    I've been racking my brain around this for way longer than I care to admit and it's really frustrating me. I am no expert in this field, but I'm also not completely illiterate. First, what I'm using: TV: LG 65UH6030-UH Receiver: Yamaha YHT-5920UBL So, I have a setup with various devices...
  2. J

    ARC Issues: Onkyo TX-SR343 to a Samsung Model# UN65NU7100 UHD TV

    Good Morning: I use the ARC function on both the TV(Samsung# UN65NU7100) and the AV Receiver(Onkyo# TX-SR343) for my 5.1 surround sound. I connect them with an Ivanky 3.3' 2.1 8k HDMI cable. Every few days I lose the sound. I have to disconnect the electric plug(Onkyo) from the wall to...
  3. alasdairm

    very basic question about ARC

    hello, i’m moving in to a new place and i’m going to upgrade my tv/receiver/surround set up. i don’t need any earth-shattering 9.2 setup - just a half-decent 5.1 setup. i have one question.this is what i’m looking at doing: i have yamaha receiver already (HTR-6230BL) but it does not - as far...
  4. S

    I have an Onkyo receiver connected to a Samsung smart TV via ARC.

    Sound for is great for cable but will not play Amazon, Youtube etc through receiver on the different inputs. I'm sure its probably a simple solution but I haven't figured it out yet. Help?
  5. KTS

    Audio from LG TV's ARC HDMI send to VSX-74TXVi

    Hi all, I tried to let my theater system VSX-74TXVi plays the audio of my LG TV. To do this, i connect the ARC HDMI of my LG TV with the HDMI Input of my theater system. I also make sure the TV's speaker output is set to be ARC. However, it does not work. For the similar scheme of connection...
  6. apn73


    Hello All, I recently bought a 58" Samsung 4K smart TV, and a family member gave us Disney+ as an early Christmas gift. I then decide to route the audio signal from the TV to the home theater system. The logical place, and the shortest run, was to my Oppo BDP-103, which then passes the signal...
  7. Osato

    LG OLED surround audio HDMI ARC issue and not passing 5.1 audio with streaming devices??

    I have an LG OLED 65 inch TV. It is the OLED 65B7 a model. I am having an issue with streaming services and audio. The first issue involves the use of HDMI ARC. When Enabled my television eventually times out from the Internet and I am forced to disable HDMIARC before it will allow me to...
  8. J

    eARC on 2018 QLED Displays

    Does anyone have any insider info on Samsung's intent to do a firmware update on 2018 QLED displays to upgrade the ARC ports to eARC?
  9. flycaster

    AVR's HDMI ARC out into TV's non-ARC HDMI?

    Setting up a new Yamaha 7850 with an older TV (Panny 50V10) that doesn't have ARC. On page 30 of the downloaded manual, it says that "If TV doesn't support ARC, a digital optical out cable is needed." Although I did some reading as I am not familiar with ARC, it was my understanding that I...
  10. aceinc

    Sony x900f ARC multichannel audio question.

    I bought a Sony x900f 75" TV and hooked it up to my Marantz AV7704 via the x900f HDMI 3/ARC to the Monitor 1 ARC on the AV7704. Unfortunately I only get stereo when I send the signal from the TV to the Sound processor when viewing Netflix. I haven't tried too many other sources on the TV so I am...
  11. J

    Soundbar HDMI ARC?

    I have a new tv with hdmi arc capability. I am buying a soundbar..probably the Yamaha yas108. I understand I connect the bar to the tv via hdmi arc. That leaves one hdmi slot on the soundbar. But I have both the cable in and the DVD player to connect. How does this work? Thx.
  12. NvidiaVelodyne

    No HDR in Windows(VSX-1130) or No HD-MA through ARC

    I have a VSX-1130k and a Sony X850D 4KHDR playing 4K H265 files from my GTX1070s . I am new to the whole forum thing. I usually resarch myself bit this is driving me crazy. Windows wont recognize the AV receiver as HDR10 but does when its connected directly to the TV. I would love to run one...
  13. T

    ARC or not to ARC...CEC or not to CEC? HUH?

    I'm very new to this. I've read a lot of articles/reviews/watched videos giving advice and there are heaps saying to use ARC but then there are those who say not to use it... I dont really understand how it works? ARC is for audio? yes? - so how come theres information out there that ARC cant...
  14. L

    Prime app won't connect to audio system through ARC

    When I connect to netflix with onboard dish app it will play through the home theater system through ARC. Dish does not have an Amazon Prime app, If I use my Samsung TV app to connect, video and audio plays on the TV. ARC does not audio to home theater system. What can I do?
  15. SJMaye

    Question on using ARC and HDMI-CEC for external speakers

    I have a set of Logitech Z906 speakers I have used with my old HTPC . I like them, but hate having a separate remote for volume control. I saw soundbars set up with an HDMI cable and ARC allow the TV remote to control the soundbar volume using HDMI-CEC and ARC. I like my speakers, but they do...
  16. RoyKeane

    DTS Audio: HDMI ARC vs. optical

    Just got a Vizio sound bar - it can connect to the TV via HDMI ARC, which is convenient. I then connected a Blu-Ray (a PS3) to the TV via HDMI, with no separate audio out connection from the PS3 (because the HDMI ARC delivers the audio to the sound bar) doing this, I lose the...
  17. Ted Todorov

    Problems with ARC on 2017 LG OLED

    I was very happy that the my new LG OLED55C7P has 5.1 output via its ARC, or Audio Return Channel TOSlink output. Sounds great, in perfect sync, etc. But the last few days it has been cutting off sound altogether for any 5.1 material, be it streaming (HBO, Netflix, etc via AppleTV) or TiVo, or...
  18. Alf S

    Educate me on hooking up ARC from smart TV to A/V receiver

    Ok, for most A/V things I'm pretty savvy and can get things up and running fairly easily. But this whole "ARC" set up stuff is tripping me up. My Pioneer VSX-1022 has ARC and my new TCL 4K Roku TV (TCL 55US57) has ARC but I'm having issues with how to get all sound to feed correctly into the...
  19. LarsVenice

    HDMI ARC connected needed for sound system to TV

    December 23, our Blu-ray player died, and so we rushed out Dec 24 to get a new HD player (Samsung), and we decided to replace our old TV (about 8-9 years old) at the same time and got a Samsung KS8000. This new TV requires that everything go into the One-Connect, but when we do this, we lose...
  20. AN90

    ARC Help!

    have a situation in hand, was wondering if you had some insights to share Hardware - LG smart TV ( runs webOS), it comes with two HDMI ports, one is ARC supported - Sony home theater (DZ290K) bought somewhere in 2010, with a HDMI port, No Digital Out, usual 3.5mm aux out - Home theater...