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  1. Dennis Nicholls

    Cheap Android phone from ZTE

    Being single and retired, I don't have a wife and I don't have a boss, so I've never had a cellphone. But I have reluctantly decided to get one for emergency "car breakdown" reasons. I looked for a pay by the minute non-contract phone. Fred Meyer (Kroger) here had this phone for $17.99 close...
  2. R

    Android and Linux like iOS with MacOS?

    Is there a way for such integration of Android phone with Linux on desktop like iOS with MacOS? Is there anyone that made a switch and have list of apps?
  3. Jim*Tod

    Best sound via blu tooth from Android to Car

    I have a Samsung-SM-J727VPP phone. I have loaded most of my cds to an extra card on the phone, only about a third of the capacity has been used. This sounds fine on all songs via any headphones. However when I connect it via blu tooth to my 2010 Mazda 3, the sound quality can vary quite a...
  4. Edwin-S

    Android to Iphone data transfer?

    The company I work for uses Iphones for some unknown reason. I've been supplied with an Iphone6 to replace my GalaxyIV. Anyone know an easy way to transfer data such as pics and contacts? I've tried "Device Switch". It gets to the data transferring stage and then gets stuck. "Move to IOS" is...
  5. Scott Merryfield

    WatchESPN -- Different commercials on Android vs. iPhone version

    I was attending a USA Hockey national team game on Saturday evening (we have season tickets), and both myself and the person sitting next to me were watching the Michigan - Iowa football game via the Watch ESPN app on our phones during the hockey game. I have an Android phone and he has an...
  6. TonyD

    Needed: cheap android phone for work. Questions...

    So I have a delivery job offer but I need an android phone for the app. They don't offer it for iPhone yet. What are the minimum phone requirements? Android 4.4 or higher RAM Memory 2GB or higher Camera with flash GPS Location Services SIM card Is there anything that has this for super...
  7. ArnieCunningham


    How do i fix the authorization error? Keep getting it. Ever since i changed carriers. :( cant get my wifi to work so i can go online.