1. P

    Need guidance with connections among receiver amplifier and speaker selector

    Hello Home Theater Experts, We moved into a new home which has inbuilt roof and wall speaker system setup throughout the home. Here is the general setup. Speakers: 1. Living area has 5 speakers in the roof (Front Left, Front Right, Front Center, Rear Left and Rear Right). 2. Living area has one...
  2. batman144144

    Yamaha amp goes into protection mode

    So, this morning I turned on my Yamaha MX-A5000 amp but it went into protection mode. I'm not getting any audio out of it and the power indicator blinks a few times. I've already tried leaving it unplugged a few minutes; that doesn't fix anything. Does anyone know of a solution other than taking...
  3. H

    Do I need a power amplifier?

    Hi, so i recently purchased a 5.1 hometheater system and needed some information. I have the following: 1 × marantz SR5014 7.2 ch amp (100RMS*7) 2 × focal aria 926 (fronts). 2 × focal aria SR 900 (Surrounds). 1 × focal aria CC 900. 1 × SVS SB 16 Ultra. My question is should i get a power amp...
  4. A

    Basic Amplifier Selection/Setup questions

    Hello, I want an amplifier that does a few of things and am missing the knowledge I need to determine if the ones I'm looking at have the specs I'm looking for: -receives FM (all pretty much do this) -connects my existing four speakers in the living room to my tv/dvd setup (I'll also add a...
  5. J

    How to connect Hafler DH500 Amp as the main amplifier for Sunfire Ultimate Receiver

    My Sunfire Ultimate Receiver has lost its mojo, it whimpers, and no long longer drives my Maggies, as if the gain has gone. I want to connect the Hafler DH500 as the main amplifier and use the receiver as a pre-amplifier. Any ideas? I don't know how to do do this as I can't see a main out.
  6. George LL

    Denon 6700 or 4700+ an amplifier?

    Hello all! I’d like some thoughts on a decision I’m making. I can get a Denon avr-x6700h for $2,500 that has 11 channels of built-in amplification. This would be enough to power my 7.1.4 system with a single box. On the other hand, I can purchase a Denon avr-x4700h With 9 internal amps for...
  7. Dave Moritz

    Amplifier sold at Roger Sound Labs in the 90's

    So those that remember the retailer Roger Sound Labs I am trying to find the name of a power amplifier that was actually made by a company many of us know called Threshold! Does anyone remember the brand this two channel power amplifier was sold under?
  8. M

    Passive Subwoofer with regular speaker wiresto go

    Bought a house that has this setup 4 speakers in ceiling 2 speakers in front wall 1 center speaker on wall 2 8” passive subwoofers on wall (Dayton Audio CS8SW-88 8" In-Wall Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer) All connection wires are coming to a different room ( all 7 speakers are banana plugs but...
  9. dpippel

    SOLD: Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

    ** SOLD **

    Appropriate Amplifier for my existing Speakers

    Hi, Back in 2014, I bought an LG BH9430PW 1460W 3D Blu-ray Theater System when it was first released. It is a powerful home theater system but had a lot of issues with its amplifier and rear speakers controller. Now I'm left with working speakers and I was wondering if I can buy a good and...
  11. Dave Upton

    New 11 Channel Atmos Amplifier Coming to Market - Any HTF Member Feedback?

    All, Dennis Deacon of D-Sonic has informed me that he is coming to market with a new 12 channel Atmos amplifier. Here are the details: 11x200w/ch 8 ohm (11 ch) or 3x400w plus 6x200w (9ch) Total weight of amplifier 17 lbs Price: approx $2675 I could offer a reduced number of channels per...
  12. N

    Pioneer VSX- 819H Audio, Video, Receiver, Amplifier

    does anyone know anything about this amp? - are they any good? as mentioned in previous threads my Marantz amp is playing up and this one (link below) looks good and is at a good price it may work out cheaper for me to buy a...
  13. S

    AV Receiver / External Amplifier

    I am about to set-up a 5.1 home theatre using * Front : Monitor Bronze 6 (150W, 90dB, 8ohms) * Center: Monitor Bronze Center (120W, 8ohms) * Surround: Monitor Brone 2 (100W, 90dB, 8ohms) with Yamaha RX-A2060 rated 140 W with 2 ch driven. Besides home-theatre usage I listen to music...
  14. J

    Amplifier or Receiver

    I'm currently looking into upgrading my stereo from a self powered soundbar to a 5.1. I'm not sure whether to buy an amplifier or receiver? My loose understanding is an amplifier would provide power to the speakers whereas a receiver would also support video. My current TV isn't a 4k (and I...
  15. Z

    Help to find subwoofer amplifier board

    Hello, I am pretty much a rookie in field of speaker. i came across a set of subwoofer which are lying around and does not know what type of subwoofer it was (active or passive) and what will be the matching board to power the woofer. It actually on a case with set of 2 sub woofer as shown in...
  16. D

    suitable speakers for this amplifier vs speaker set.

    I have an amplifier of 20w RMS output and 4ohm impedance, it is stereo amplifier, images:- front:- back:- should I purchase 2 speakers for this amplifier or it will be better...
  17. I

    How to increase power output (wattage) of the receiver especially for subwoofer?

    I'm having an ordinay Dolby Digital receiver which outputs 600W. Id like to get some improved amount of watts for the other speakers and especially for the sub woofer. Receiver has ordinary 5 channel outs and subwoofer out. Also has a purple color subwoofer out RCA socket. What equipment should...
  18. D

    Troubleshooting subwoofer amp / receiver

    Hi, I have a subwoofer (Dayton Audio RSS315HFA-8) that is connected to a subwoofer amp (Dayton Audio SA230), which is connected to a receiver (Sony STRDG920). At some point a little while ago, I stopped getting any sound through the subwoofer (i.e. it had previously been working fine). I am...
  19. Robert_Zohn

    Marantz's New Reference Series SA-10 SACD Player/DAC and PM-10 Amplifier

    Marantz's new Reference 2-channel integrated amp PM-10 and the matching SA-10 SACD/CD player will be on display and demonstrated in our 2-channel showroom demo area. They are scheduled to be available early February and Marantz will have a launch promotion on the pair with special pricing...
  20. Herschel Frierson

    Help Please - Looking to buy an amplifier or other audio enhancement

    Hello, I have an Onkyo TX-NR636. I am looking for suggestions on adding an amplifier to increase was audio quality. I just bought a second subwoofer(Klipsch R-10SW - Yet to be installed) I have Dolby Set-up, below is a list of my current equipment: 2 Episode ES-500-Point-6 Ceiling Speakers...
  21. Chevy_Monsenhor

    Bought a pair of 100W 8ohm speakers, how many watts amp i'm gonna need to drive them?

    So, i bought this beautiful and well kept matching pair of Technics SB-LX70 speakers. The speakers power handling is of 100w at 8ohms. Now i need an amplifier to drive said speakers, but how many watts i'm gonna need? I was thinking about buying a Pioneer SA-7500, maybe an Akai AM-35 integrated...
  22. C

    Two MZC-66 Speakercraft Amplifiers. £100

    Hi Selling this package for my dad. MZC-66 Is The Most Versatile Multi-Zone Audio/Video Control Solution Available Today. • Power In Amplification ... 12 channels of 30 watt state-of-the-art digital amplification for maximum efficiency in a small chassis. • Power In Control...Complex control...
  23. C

    Two Speakercraft MZC-66 6 zone amplifiers

    Hi Selling this package for my dad. MZC-66 Is The Most Versatile Multi-Zone Audio/Video Control Solution Available Today. • Power In Amplification ... 12 channels of 30 watt state-of-the-art digital amplification for maximum efficiency in a small chassis. • Power In Control...Complex control...
  24. V

    What type of amplifier is required to work with the Pioneer SC-95?

    I am thinking about purchasing the SC-95 and would like to have 4 to 6 Atmos ceiling speakers if possible. I have never had to purchase an amplifier before and was wondering what type i would need to give me the 7.1.4 or even a 9.1.6 configuration if possible. How do these amps connect to the...
  25. Aaron Reynolds

    Help me spend money

    So, it's been a while since I've posted here. Hi! I hope everyone missed me just a little but didn't worry that I was dead or something. My home theatre hasn't changed in basically forever, but a couple of recent events have put me into shopping mode and I need an amp. I'll tell you what I used...
  26. S

    Is this amp any good?

    Hello! I'll get straight to it. I'm currently using a Technics SU-G91 amplifier. It is powering 2 Bose 2.2 bookshelf speakers, with a Technics SH-8017 graphic EQ hooked up to it. There's very little info online about this amp. Is it any good? Some people say it's cheap Chinese crapola, some say...
  27. S

    Left channel playing on both speakers

    Hello! I have a pair of Bose 2.2's. They are currently 24 years old. They have worked fine for the last year, when I bought them. I have my 3.5mm audio jack, which splits into an RCA cable. This is plugged into my equalizer. The equalizer is connected to my amplifier. Anyways, I unplugged the...
  28. Adam Gregorich

    Black and Tan Theater Construction Thread (Just upgraded to Dolby Atmos)

    I'm a little late with this as the finishing touches are underway, but I figured it might be helpful to others to see my theater construction pictures. I'll start with a finished shot and then start at the beginning. Here is where it is at today: (UPDATE: Dolby Atmos has been added. Updated...
  29. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review Anthem Statement A5 Multi-Channel Amplifier Review

    Anthem Statement A5 Multi-Channel Amplifier Review As a firm believer in the importance of amplification in my home theater, I am always eager to hear the effect a change in amplification can have on the performance of my system. For the past few years, my daily driver speakers have been...
  30. S

    Home Theater Component System

    Hi, I am new to the forum and have little idea about the home theater system. I want to buy a good 5.1 channel home theater system for both music and movies. My budget is Rs 40,000/-. What should I do, go for home theater in a box or component home theater system. Suggest me good options in...
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