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  1. John*Wells

    Former President Reagan the Actor (Non political intent)

    How many of his Films do you have? Or How many have you seen? I only have one Knute Rockne All American
  2. EricSchulz

    Actor Robert Conrad dies at 84.

    How sad. I just watched the episode of Columbo with him as the exercise guru yesterday. https://people.com/tv/robert-conrad-dead-at-84/
  3. JohnHopper

    Robert Walker, Jr. has passed at 79

    https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/star-trek-actor-robert-walker-jr-dies-79-1203427571/ Son of Golden Age actor Robert Walker, Robert Jr. has a similar career as Peter Fonda. I remembered him in Star Trek ("Charlie X") and The Invaders ("Panic") but also in The Big Valley ("My Son, My Son"), The...