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  1. I

    Is my Bose Wave Music System 3 Disc Multi CD Changer Accessory working? *video

    I just got a three-disk Bose Wave Music System 3 Disc Multi-CD Changer Accessory. I do not own a Wave System to fully test this out. I know that these can be sold for good money, especially if it works, so I was wondering if this unit is functioning? Whenever I plug it in the wall it makes a...
  2. horrorfreak

    Screen "Up" with harmony 650 All Off?

    So I got a Harmony 650 for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I have everything running pretty much how I want except for one thing. I have an Elite Screen that I am able to get to go up and down, but I would love to be able to add the "Up" command to the "All Off" button. is there a way to...
  3. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review Elite Prime Vision DarkStar 9 Projection Screen Review

    Most enthusiasts have heard of Elite Screens, well known for their tremendous bang for the buck projector screens. Those same enthusiasts may not have heard of Elite Prime Vision, a divison of Elite Screens dedicated to the custom install and system integrator markets. Basically, you can’t buy...
  4. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review SurgeX SA-1810 Standalone Surge Eliminator Review

    Surge protectors fall squarely in the list of most important yet least sexy products we purchase. An investment of hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars in AV equipment should be well protected, yet often isn’t. In most cases we buy a generic surge strip or maybe splurge on a higher end home...
  5. Herschel Frierson

    HELP with Xbox One and PS4 Connection to Projector

    Can my Xbox One and PS4 read through an IR where my rack is hidden? See links https://mancavehf.shutterfly.com/pictures/65 https://mancavehf.shutterfly.com/pictures/66 https://mancavehf.shutterfly.com/pictures/16
  6. Herschel Frierson

    Help on Bass Traps, Placement and What to Buy?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Looking to buy some bass traps to enhance my small home theatre room.
  7. Herschel Frierson


    I finally will paint my media room in the next couple of weeks, my colors are as follow: 1)Celiling - Sherwin Williams - Tricorn Black - SW 6258 2)Walls - Sherwin Williams - Sommelier - SW 7595 However my question is that I have the option of adding a painting mural on the wall you see...
  8. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review Marantz AV8801 Processor Review

    Marantz AV8801 Processor Review Marantz is a well respected name in the A/V industry. Founded by Saul Marantz in 1953 in Kew Gardens, New York, the company subsisted by licensing its products to other companies. Acquired by several other companies over the years, Marantz has been owned by...
  9. B

    Acoustimass powered speaker 5 pin cable problem

    Hello people i have a problem, i have a fairly old bose acoustimass powered speaker model 2683-2 and i need to find a 5 pin cable that can connect it with my pc, does anybody know a option for connecting it? i uploaded the picture of the back and i need to have a cable that says audio input
  10. Peter M Fitzgerald

    I really want a Roku 3 player, but I have an audio issue...

    I just noticed on Amazon that the Roku 3 only outputs HDMI. I have an HDMI jack on my Panasonic plasma TV, but my a/v receiver is an older Pioneer model, with no HDMI jacks, only RCA jacks. One of the primary reasons I want the Roku is to stream Netflix (and other services) without having to...