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  1. S

    Opinions on AV/Amp for ELAC Uni-Fi 7.1.2

    I am looking at purchasing a 7.1.2 ELAC Uni-Fi slim series with Dolby Atmos. I am wanting opinions on a good AVR for source control, but understand a proper amp is needed to push the speakers. Any advice on a make/model for both the AVR and amp while being cost effective? I would rather spend...
  2. Radioman970

    Onkyo HT-S5800 upgrade to 7.1.2

    The sound stopped working on my unit. PANIC!! But I learned to reset the receiver and it brought it back from the dead! It had been slow to start sound, like after a pause or when a disc menu begins. Up to 10 seconds or so. Hope that fixes it all. This horror got me thinking... Can...