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  1. Uncle Freddy

    7.1 Surround / wireless or wireless interface for current speakers & sub

    greetings, my wife and I are moving into our new house that has a great room configuration, we are going to be using our 52-inch flat screen for our 7.1 surround sound system, our problem is radiant floor heat and my inability to freely drill holes and and pull wires .... question to The Forum...
  2. N

    New guy here pls help. 7.1 pre-wired theatre

    So, I know nothing. I am getting 7.1 pre-wired in my home being built and I would like expert advice as to where to locate the ports for each speaker and what speakers, sub, amp to buy. my max for budget is 2000-2500. id prefer wall/ceiling mounted but it really doesn't matter. tv is going on...