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  1. A

    Subwoofer pulsing/heartbeat issue!

    Hi guys! I have tried everything I tell ya, everything! So I have a 5.1 home theater. I have my 5 speakers connected to an onkyo receiver with no issues. However, I have a passive dvc subwoofer (4ohms per coil) connected to a 2 channel d class amp...therein comes my misery :( My home theater...
  2. A

    What is the best brand for speakers among these..

    What is the best brand for speakers among these :- 1. Polk 2. Onkyo 3. Pioneer 4.Dali If u have any better option please mention... My budget is 500 US dollars sharp...suggest me a 5.1 or 5.1.2 home theater system please....
  3. C

    Are the Focal Audio Dome speakers 5.1 really worth it?

    Hello, and thank you for helping me out. It has been a dream of mine for years to get a nice home theater set up, and now I have the resources. Unofortunately, it is quite hard in my country to get hifi audio equipment, after lots of searching I was able to find a set of 5.1 speakers from...
  4. P

    Recommendations for Compact Speaker

    I just finished wiring my family room for 5.1 surround sound and I am looking at starting to choose speakers and a receiver. The room is rectangular at 14x15 ft with 9ft, flat ceiling. As this is our family room, my wife is very adamant about it not turning into a home theater with an...
  5. A

    connect 3way speakers to 5.1 receiver

    Hello All, i have a 5.1 Pioneer receiver (VSX-821-K). my Subwoofer died last week and i have two SONY SS-MF315 speakers (3way floor standing) that i have used before as stereo. i was wondering i can replace my two front home theater speakers with the two SONYs and also connect LFE channel to...
  6. tenderbrew

    Looking to finish up my 5.1 set up - some questions

    I finally decided to finish up and run a 5.1 set up in my basement this year. I have dabbled for a tiny bit in home theater, but mostly have been running my basement set up in stereo. My current gear is the following: -Paradigm Monitor 7 Series floor standing (2) -Paradigm Atom Monitor v7 (2)...
  7. J

    Want new 5.1 set up

    Good evening I am new here so I hope I'm doing this right. Anyway I am looking to get a 5.1 home theatre component system. I am stuck between svs ultras or b&w cm8s. What are you looking for (Speakers, Subwoofer or Both)? Both Primary Use: 50% Music, 50% TV & Movies Desired Configuration...
  8. ArmSC

    KEF E305/T105 5.1 speakers sets on sale for $600/800 at KEFdirect.com

    Hey all I just noticed the KEF E350 5.1 speaker set on sale for $600 and wanted to share. If any of you are looking for a very good but small speaker set this one is for you. Well reviewed and very good sounding these will likely be an upgrade to almost any 5.1 speaker set or lower end speakers...