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4k hdr

  1. Neil Middlemiss

    UHD Review Ron’s Gone Wrong UHD Review

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  2. satcomm302

    Sony VPL-VW675ES Native 4K HDR Projector

    For Sale: Sony VPL-VW675ES 4K SXRD Home Theater Projector in excellent condition. We've recently moved and our new place doesn't have a media room, so my projector needs a new home. No scratches, bumps or scrapes; it looks brand new. I purchased the unit new in 2017 from an authorized dealer...
  3. Captain Spaulding

    1080p HDR On New Fire TV Stick vs 4K HDR

    The new Fire TV stick will run at 1080p with HDR but does not support 4K. I can also set my Apple TV 4K to 1080p HDR. I'm wondering if there are any differences in the quality of the HDR at 1080p; specifically, is the dynamic range narrower or the wide color gamut less wide? Or is the only...
  4. Sam Posten

    Looks like Disney 4K HDR hits iTunes May the 4th be with you

    Fingers crossed it’s true.
  5. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Lion King (re-dux) -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    I happened upon the 2019 live-action version of The classic animated film, The Lion King (I believe the final actually drawn), while testing out Disney's new streaming service, and came away impressed by both. I'd had steered clear of the remake , as it seemed like a calculated money-grab by...