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    ALIENS 30th Anniversary Edition

    The "Aliens: 30th Anniv Edition" Blu-ray set is currently $13.60 at Amazon. Not bad, especially if you've got Prime membership. (BTW, the item's page contains an apparent typo. The item is listed as the "0th Anniversary edition")
  2. Jake Lipson

    The Little Mermaid 30th Anniversary Edition 4K coming 2019

    I looked for a thread on this topic and didn't find one. If I overlooked one, please feel free to merge them. Target.com has a 4K edition of The Little Mermaid up for pre-order. It is one of their standard digibook exclusives that they get with most major Disney titles, but I assume a...
  3. Sam Posten

    Apple Fall event official for October 30th

    https://www.macworld.com/article/3315117/macs/apple-october-event-invite.html Wuwu~
  4. Ronald Epstein

    Pre-Order School Daze 30th Anniversary (1988) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    The price link below will take you directly to the product on Amazon. If you are using an adblocker you will not see link. <iframe margin marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frame...
  5. 3D Projectionist


    I'm surprised much more has not been made on here about the 30th anniversary of the legendary Predator movie and so its worth mentioning it particularly as it did also enjoy a 3D release on Blu-Ray with a modest 3D effect on screen. Great memories of returning to the cinema many times back in...
  6. Zen Butler

    Blade Runner Extravaganza Sept 30th

    This is mostly a sharing and please move to the appropriate sub-forum. This is a free invite only event so I'm not selling anything. Just a long time member sharing my enthusiasm for the Blade Runner 2049 release. I can't describe the effort and love going into this event. Full size White Dragon...
  7. Beppe

    Movie quiz

    Hi all, I’m looking for a movie that a friend of mine saw some years ago. The point is the following: during the movie a girl has her 30th birthday and she decides to organize a trip for her friends and she pays and organizes all. Any idea about this movie? Please help me  My friend’s birthday...