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2013 black friday

  1. K

    Very bad experience with FoxConnect.

    When Foxconnect announced an amazing deal on Black Friday...I was so excited. We found everyone gifts at amazing prices. We were very pleased. This was on the 7th of Dec. Today is Dec 18 and I have had to call several times just to get information about my orders. I called 2 days ago and was...
  2. Kevin Collins

    It's starting! Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals Already Announced

    Walmart kicked off its campaign online at midnight with more than 300 specially discounted items including a 42-inch JVC LED TV for $299 and a 10-inch Xelio tablet for $49. Amazon today launched its Black Friday Deals Store, offering two “Deals of the Day” through Dec. 22 and hundreds of weekly...
  3. Adam Lenhardt

    Black Friday 2013 hauls - what did you get?

    Tuesday, November 26th FoxConnect.com: Title Format List Price Price Paid Dollhouse Season 2 Blu-Ray $59.99 $5.99 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7 Blu-Ray $39.99 $5.99 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 6 Blu-Ray $39.99 $5.99 Red Dawn...
  4. Kevin Collins

    Amazon Black Friday Blu-Ray Deals Going on NOW

    Amazon Black Friday Blu-Ray Deals 11/28/13 -- There goes my XMas budget!: Pacific Rim $7.99 The Conjuring $7.99 Star Trek Into Darkness $7.99 World War Z $7.99 Pacific Rim 3D $14.99 The Hangover Part III $7.99 X-Men: First Class $3.99 21 Jump Street $3.99 Evil Dead $7.99 Mad...
  5. Kevin Collins

    Amazon Black Friday Week Movies & TV Deals

    Want to see the upcoming Movies & TV disc deals for Black Friday Week? Check out this link for all the upcoming deals. Some of the upcoming ones I will be purchasing are:
  6. Kevin Collins

    Best Buy Black Friday Online Deals Starts Soon!

    Click to go to where the deals will start.