1. I

    Cheaper, Used native 1080p or 720p projector on a budget

    I am looking for a cheaper, used native 1080p or 720p projector with HDMI from a good company (BenQ, Viewsonic, Optoma) to replace the one that unexpectedly broke. I wanted to eventually replace the projector that broke with a 4K one when we moved to a bigger place in a year, but since my...
  2. Sarah Matheson

    Performance on 1080p 4K conversion projector?

    Hey guys, I'm looking at the Optoma HD27HDR. 50,000:1 contrast ratio 1.1x zoom 3400 lumens It's hard to judge overall performance on so many variables - would you guys say that a conversion projector's performance is more similar to a 1080p or 4k projector?
  3. Colin Dunn

    DVR with 1080i + surround recording?

    Right now, I'm looking into DVR devices that also have live TV viewing capabilities. I was nearly sold on the Amazon FireTV Recast until I learned that it only records in 720p. Also, the four tuners are not completely independent; only two may be used for recording at a time, and two for...
  4. Jeff Cooper

    Question about viewing 1080p material on a 4K tv

    Hi guys, I have a concern about upgrading to a 4k tv, that I'm not quite sure the answer to. I remember when DVDs came out and we all had 480 tvs, everything looked fantastic. Then HDTVs came out and now 1080 was amazing looking on them. But viewing that old 480 matierial on a 1080 tv looked...
  5. W

    4K ULTRA HDTV with 1080p Blu-Ray player

    Hi, I had to purchase a new TV this weekend (being delivered tomorrow). I bought a 4K ULTRA HD (Hisense 55" - yes, I'm on a budget) and I was thinking of getting a new 4K player to boot... however, there are very few movies that I'm interested in that have been released in 4K (I'm mostly...
  6. K

    Difference between 1080p and upscale to 4K

    Hello. I wanted to ask something from the more knowledgable members here because I don't know much of these things. I currently have a 24'' monitor where I watch my blurays. I don't have a TV, and I'm thinking of buying a larger monitor for my pc (43''), where I will also watch my blurays. I...
  7. Elena_Sanchez

    How to watch iTunes 1080P movies on HDTV?

    Hi, I recently bought an Android HD smart TV, is it possible for me to enjoy my iTunes 1080P movies on it? I tried but it doesn't seem to work. Any comments will be appreciated.
  8. I

    Basic Native 1080p projector selection help!

    My thrifted Optima HD70 just died and I am in need of a new projector! I am not looking for anything fancy, just 1080p and bright. Most of these are 3000 lumens and all are 1080p, much better than the old Optima’s 720p, 1000 lumens. I have narrowed it down to two projectors from three brands...
  9. Spottedfeather

    1080p Weirdness

    I've been noticing something odd. When I have my PS3 set to 1080p, every so often, the signal gets lost sort of. What happens is that I'll start my PS3 with it set to 1080p. A few seconds or a few minutes into a game, or even just sitting on the menu, my tv will flick off, giving me the window...
  10. Scott Hart

    Xbox Project Scorpio 4k Gaming And Supersampling 1080p

    Scott Hart Xbox Project Scorpio 4k Gaming And Supersampling 1080p Does anyone here use their home theater for gaming? I have an X-Box one that I basically purchased for Forza 6. It is still the only game that I own, and I am OK with that. However, this upcoming Project Scorpio has me...
  11. Sam Posten

    CES 2017: LG's laser 1080p

    Neat. Let's see specs and a price! http://dci-forum.com/?topic=1535.0
  12. Jim Peavy

    blue fringing when playing b/w movies on new 1080P LED set

    Not sure this is the right forum for this, but since it pertains to my new display... After having a Vizio M50-D0 for about 10 days and deciding I couldn't stand the judder of 60hz and realizing I wasn't yet ready for 4K (it made DVDs literally look like VHS), I traded it in for a 1080P LED set...
  13. DaveF

    Should I start buying UHD, even though I'm Blu-ray right now?

    I'm doing a major home theater upgrade to an HD front projector setup. So I'm buying movies on blu-rays for the first time in several years. I intend to upgrade to 4k in three years when projectors are affordable. Should I be buying UHD now rather than blu-ray? Do all UHD discs come with...
  14. DaveF

    Recommended 1080p HDMI monitor?

    I think I need a low-cost 1080p HDMI monitor, to use for configuring my HTPC. It's a nuisance to power up the projector, and use it for Windows desktop, anytime I want to work on the HTPC. It's also probably not great for the projector. But I won't use the monitor much once the PC is configured...
  15. T

    1080p from 16ft from screen

    I am planning on upgrading to 1080p. I would like to buy refurbished or new. I would like to avoid a ceiling mount . My projector sits about five feet up on my bookshehelf, well ventilated. It is about 16ft from my screen . 3d would be a bonus . My budget is below $650. It will need to project...
  16. Dom Haughton

    Looking for the best < £550 Projector + 100" Screen (2.5m-3m throw)

    Hi, Apologies in advance as I guess that there will have been hundreds of threads like this already. I've wanted a projector/home cinema room for a while now and I've just moved house and I'm going to take the plunge. I'm looking for a projector which will project to a (ideally) 100" screen...